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AC1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: HILTON

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Two way plum pruning - Davids right There is only so much energy the trunk puts out.If you look closely at where both grafts radiate out from the main trunk the diameters of each of the 2 grafts are different. The bigger diameter one on the left,This is drawing more energy you ..101 days 20hrs
Paxton prolific not fruiting - Ive had mine fruit two years in a row now with this year having 4 fruits good size but there is a major problem they taste like mash potatoes not sweet at all you may want look thru this forum or google about bland taste of this variety save all your..328 days 15hrs
Is my white sapote slowly dying - One experience Ive had with white sapotes is some varieties dont like backyards that get cold at night.The plant carries on with yellowing leaves dropping some. If the plant is in a pot place the plant in the front yard near bitumen road.Put shadecloth a..700 days 13hrs
Cherimoya vs custard apple in sydney - Ive got a Paxton Profilic tree growing in Adelaide approx 4 years old has set 2 fruits this year one fruit is extremely large and the ther half size of other.You need lots of patience for trees to set fruit.If I can grow this one and set fruit in Adel..875 days 16hrs
What is wrong with my mango seedlings3 - I use potting mix plus 20 percent washed filling sand for seedlings and subtropical trees inc citrus also.This mix will drain quicker .Dont mulch ,browning tips indicate too much fertiliser or overwatering or both.Mangoes dont like too much water. Not ..958 days 9hrs
Yellowing leaves on dwarf macadamia tree - Ive had trouble with mine burning leaf tips and some yellowing.Check Ph of soil and adjust.The other thing which is minor dont dig arond the root zone with any hand diggers they really dont like it.Water but dont over water...975 days 12hrs
Growing tropicals in adelaide - Guys watch out in certain areas in Adelaide clay soils are a killer. I dig a hole 1m x 1m x 450mm deep .Remove soil and backfill with potting mix and sand to approx 100mm above ground level.I use organic potting mix and washed filling sand both availa..1005 days 17hrs
Mango tree disease - You need to check soil PH .Stop any fertiliser applications be it liquid or pellets.I would put some shadecloth 50 percent grade around this tree till it gets established aprox 12months old.Looks like some sort of leaf burn (salt build up) too much fertil..1061 days 16hrs
Dwarfing tool to cincture and girdle fruit - Ive got a twin grafted apple gala/ pink lady tree approx six years old which will not fruit if at all. I have pruned the tree properly and stll no difference.I would like to try this sincture method .The tree has flowered already this year and one fruit ..1104 days 14hrs
Bacon avocado2 - Ok soil is quite sandy.The other problem could be cool overnight temperatures.Are there large trees native or otherwise nearby?They emit growth inhibitors and some plants are very sensitive to this.I grow my subtropicals in my front yard near road.The bi..1105 days 23hrs
Bacon avocado2 - Does the soil have lots of clay ?,its a killer for mangoes and avocados.Us Southerners have to work a little bit harder when trying to get Mangoes & Avocados to grow.I use potting mix plus 20% washed filling sand.Sand is the critical component as it suck..1107 days 22hrs
White sapote golden globe - Pete I think the long cold nights spell we have been enduring here in Adelaide may have something to do with sapote problem. Ive got a golden globe in a pot and a ortega in the ground.I think the ortega is more cold tolerant than the golden globe.There ..1179 days 22hrs
Thank you daleys one of a kind - Absolutely !..1180 days 22hrs
Abiu not healthy - I have read in other forums putting a tablespoon of vinegar in 9L water watering affected plants will help overcome salinity,also applying a Iron supplement will help reduce salt levels...1182 days 20hrs
Abiu not healthy - Looking at the photo looks like salt burns.Issue with salt in water or fertilser?Either too much tap water or too much fertilser? Issue with soil? Waterlogging ?.Soil must be free draining with sufficent sand levels especially in potting mixes.Maybe clea..1183 days 19hrs

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Paxton prolific not fruiting - I totally agree with you AC1 - My Paxton fruit this year wasn't nice at all - so next year it will be converted to a couple cherimoyas - i had a 365g fruit on a Pinks Mammoth that was pretty darned good for a cv ive been told / read would be impossible to..Liked Answer 326 days 15hrs
Thank you daleys one of a kind - Did you know that there is NO Nursery with the Selection, Service and Online Features for members I could find anywhere on the Net when I looked for a link for a USA site something similar (online membership-wise) yesterday, so I have a USA link to place ..Liked Answer 1191 days 20hrs
Rose apple - I keep trying these all around the place - and they still taste like a lilly-pilly to me? Yukk? :)..Liked Question 1434 days 18hrs

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