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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Yry Forum Contributions
Fruit fly9 - Does anyone have information on how far a fruit fly can fly? This becomes important if you have neighbours that neglect control. I suspect they can travel several kilometres...2118 days 3hrs
Preparing soil blueberries - As an aside to the issue of salt in the garden perhaps the following is of interest--- as many of us redirect the water from bathroom and laundry into the garden one of the issues to face is the varying and, sometimes, large quantities of sodium chloride ..2118 days 3hrs
This looks delicious - Sure does. The highlight of my stay in Ho Chi Minh City (actually the only one) was Durian pancakes. The rest of Saigon was unrelievingly awful...2119 days 8hrs
Avocado varieties - Sad to say adding sand to clay does not seem to work; in fact, you are part way to making cement. Better advice is to add organic matter plus gravel, lots of it ,say, 80% in total . Then plant on a slope or ,if unavailable, on a mound...2121 days 2hrs
Asimina tribolaamerican pawpaw temperate custard apple - Protognous ,Paul . i just had to work my word of the week into the record . It means the ovary matures first and cannot be fertilised by the later maturing but fertile male part of the flower...2123 days 3hrs
Cherrymoyas in the usa - Are you sure about the African white variety? If you are referring to White cherimoyas, they are named after Dr White who does not sound very African, more like an American. Somehow I cannot see Lebanon growing cherimoyas but correct me if I'm wrong. M..2123 days 3hrs
Trial and error with blueberry burst - You should get a result, regardless,but in general when setting up a blueberry patch one should avoid chloride and nitrate ions in the fertiliser. So organic manures are OK, as is ammonium sulphate and potassium sulphate. Peat and coco peat( washed to re..2125 days 3hrs
Trial and error with blueberry burst - Blueberries don't like their nitrogen in the form of nitrates and prefer their potassium as the sulphate not the chloride. You'll find the Premium potting mix does not necessarily suit blueberries. ..2125 days 7hrs
Trace elementsminerals - If you go to your local supermarket and get Epsonm Salts, read the label and it will instruct you how to make up a foliar spray...2127 days 1hrs
Trace elementsminerals - Ahem , pores in the skin do not absorb anything much ;they are for sweat and sebaceous secretions. And foliar sprays are absorbed through the cells themselves otherwise one would need to wait for stomata to open before spraying. Yes, there is chelated ir..2127 days 4hrs
Trace elementsminerals - Boris, the reason that trace element deficiency occurs is often because the soil pH is too alkaline to make the elements ionize; adding the elements to the soil does not fix the problem . Thus it is better to use foliar sprays in this situation and,also, ..2127 days 8hrs
Trace elementsminerals - If you suspect TE deficiency then you get quicker and cheaper results (less material needed) by using foliar sprays. Gypsum is not a cure-all but only works for sodic clays .Easy to find out if ,in fact,your clay is sodic.(see clear water overnight test)..2127 days 23hrs
Mosquitos trap in the garden - Sounds like a con job. Mosquitoes are attracted to even minute amounts of CO2 and there are commercial traps made with this attractant (expensive). If I have mozzies in the house at night then I turn off all the lights at and turn on the light in the bat..2128 days 1hrs
Stink bugs - Spiracles do not exist on legs , Mike ;and they are a pair per segment on the thorax and abdomen ;not as numerous as you may think...2128 days 1hrs
Apple trees14 - OK , no one else has ventured a reply so I'll try for an explanation. 1) they are not apple trees; some one made a mistake 2)you somehow bought apple root-stock which never flowers. 3)they are tip flowering varieties and you keep pruning off the flowerin..2128 days 8hrs

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