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Pepino diseases - My pepino fruits look similar to those of davewastech. I cut them open and found larvae and earwigs inside. My peaches and apples didn't get these maggots luckily. Could someone identify laevae in the photo. Thanks ..759 days 2hrs
Longan trees1 - Kohala is more cold hardier than biew kiew. My biew kiew lost all leaves during last winter while Kohala was ok. Biew kiew is fine now and start to grow new leaves. Ps. Min temp last winter in my area is -1.3c..856 days 3hrs
Avocados15 - I got lamb hass, hass, wurtz, bacon, Sheppard. They are all more or less flowering at the same time and is finishing flowering now. I also want to extend avo season like you, but none of my avos trees have managed to hold on to any fruit yet...856 days 3hrs
Jaboticaba in vic - My, I would love to grow jab if I could buy a tree thats already fruited.... at a reasonable price :)..891 days 1hrs
Spring quiz competition iii - Ahh, silly me. Got it...893 days 19hrs
Spring quiz competition iii - What's your email address, tommoz?..896 days 1hrs
Star apple phillipine gold - Hi Linton, it looks yummy. How do you rate it against American pawpaw? my star apple probably dead, although the pearl still is alive. I think I will try again one more time. ..896 days 1hrs
Star apple phillipine gold - My pearl small star apple seedling (from sternus) could withstand 0.9c in winter, then its leaves became droopy, so I took it indoor. It is still alive. To mlke, what fruit is it in the pic? Dpi gold? Alva? Look so yummy...905 days 18hrs
Taro pacific and taro japanese - Daley currently is selling this two varieties, which I don't know much. Daley does not provide pictures of the tubers for pacific var. I think Daley may have named/renamed her taros?! So I cannot google them...909 days 21hrs
Wax jambu white - Thanks for all the info and advices, BK. My red wax jambu coped with winter quite well actually, better than my mangoes :-)..909 days 22hrs
Wax jambu white - I have ordered white wax jambu, hope it would not be too hard to grow in Melbourne. Geeze, daleys trees/plants selling out so fast. Btw, I am going thai in November, hopefully have some fun time and try new fruits of Thailand...909 days 23hrs
Taro pacific and taro japanese - Do anyone know differences between taro Japanese and pacific? Photos would be very helpful. Thanks..909 days 24hrs
Wax jambu white - Thanks Bangkok. I also don't know how to pick a sweet jambu. They can be very sweet regardless of color and can be tasteless too. Perhaps I should ask more clearly. Does anyone grow red and white jambus sold By DALEYS (please forgive that I shout)? Da..936 days 11hrs
Lucs garcinia - How would you fertilise garcinia? Like citrus or mango ? Thanks..936 days 24hrs
Wax jambu white - Hi, Does anybody grow both wax Jambu White and red? Just want to know if the White is significantly sweeter than the red to worth the trouble of growing White Jambu in Melbourne? Thanks Btw, my red Jambu is doing fine in Melbourne weather..937 days 7hrs

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Avocado leaves going brown - Ive been thinking about what to offer - apart from you being in Cairns - I think you basically bought a dud plant - search out a few differnt growers and see how vigorous they look esp with big green leaves before buying - dont be shy about giving half a ..Liked Answer 672 days 15hrs

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