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Genipapo's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Genipapo Forum Contributions
Star apple root system - I do have three star apple trees in my garden. I believe they are deep rooted because I never seen them inclined after planting and survives strong winds..752 days 0hrs
Coccinia grandistindora - Gardenkeen How can I distingush male from female Coccinea grandis/indica ? Are Coccinea dioc or monoic ?..1257 days 1hrs
Ambarella spondias dulcis - In Brazil there are different varieties of Cajá. Spondias dulcis is known as Cajá anão and can be grown in vases/pots.Most probably it was brought from Oceania...1381 days 24hrs
Avocado interesting shape russell variety florida usa - Hi Kieran I would like to exchange info on your avocado tree. Could you please email me at cperesc@oi.com.br ..1685 days 22hrs
Mammea amearicana - Hi Peter Seeds of Mammea americana (aka Abricó do Pará) are of the size of a ping pong ball sit in half. There are limitations on sending seeds from the Ministries of Agriculture of Brazil as well as Australia. If seeds were small size (like of fingerl..1781 days 2hrs

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