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Mishmak1's Edible Backyard

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Annonidium manii - Dada1 do you still have any Telfairia occidentalise (ugu) seeds? I have been looking everywhere for some native Igbo food plants that I can grow at home without much luck, besides bitter leaf. Any help would be greatly appreciated!..2663 days 8hrs
Where to buy plantains - We have successful banana plants that fruit very well at the Hawkesbury EarthCare Centre in Richmond, so they will definitely grow & fruit in Sydney. Richmond get's pretty hard frosts some years but we just wrap the body of the plant so that the core does..3082 days 10hrs

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Where to buy plantains - Plantains will grow in Sydney. I grow a few, such as Bluggoe, Pacific Plantain. They do well To people north of Brisbane who feel it necessary to constantly tell us we can't grow anything please remember Sydney is not in the Antartic we can grow Mango..Liked Answer 3082 days 10hrs
Where to buy plantains - Hi all, I would like to grow true plantains ie French plantain, Green French banana, Horn plantain, Nendran banana, Pink French banana, and Tiger banana. I'm in sydney. Kind regards, Emma ..Liked Answer 3082 days 10hrs

Lemon - Eureka (Grafted) 7/10

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