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Scott 10's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Scott 10 Forum Contributions
Fruit trees13 - What type of plants do you wish to fertilise?..274 days 10hrs
Citrus trunk scale - Hi there, I have a large Pomelo tree which has recently developed a white scale on the trunk with vertical cracks appearing in the bark. I have tried spraying the trunk with Eco Neem Oil but it hasn’t really made a difference. Other than this the tree ..412 days 11hrs
Worms in guavas - Hi Durga, definitely an ant problem of some type. May be related to the wet weather recently which might have brought them up into the tree or there may be aphids which the ants are after. Ant sticky traps don’t always work at containment unfortunately ..450 days 10hrs
Mango planted from seed is producing seedless - Agree with Mike, looks like a KP..450 days 10hrs
Chinese japanese pomelo pummelo plants cuttings - I have 4 Pomelo trees. One is a Mato Buntan which is a Japanese/Taiwanese variety. I grew it from seed 3 years ago and it’s yet to fruit. If you are in the Brisbane area you are welcome to some bud wood. I also have a Chinese Ponkan mandarin. Chee..455 days 22hrs
Carabao mango - Thanks Mike, will do!..463 days 22hrs
Carabao mango - Anybody know anyone who may have a Philippine Carabao mango tree and who may have any seeds that they would be willing to share?..464 days 22hrs
Banana mango - Thanks so much for the info!! It’s really helpful. I had read about the Madame Francis but not the others :) Thanks again, Scott..472 days 19hrs
Banana mango - Does anyone know the actual variant of mango that Daleys are selling as ‘Banana Mango’? I know that this is a can of worms question as there are so many varieties that have this name but wanted to see if anyone knew for sure! Thanks everyone!..474 days 14hrs
Christmas giveaway - Hey echinopora, sorry this is an old post but I’m trying to get hold of a Pink Panther dragon fruit cutting. Do you still have any? Cheers Scott..614 days 23hrs
Citrus leaf curl - Thanks Brian, I did wonder if this may have been the case but was a bit worried that it may have been some sort of deficiency (mineral or something). The Ponkan is seed grown and about 1.5 years old at the moment, not yet bearing. I was given a few see..884 days 19hrs
Citrus leaf curl - Recently several of my citrus trees have developed inward curling leaves. This doesn't seem to be related to pests but thinking it may be a deficiency of some type. Attached photos are of my Pomelo and Ponkan Mandarin but also experiencing this on blood o..887 days 10hrs
Mango fungal infection - Hi all, I have around 10 young mango plants and all of a sudden several of them have developed a fungal infection which has caused them to drop leaves and killed 2 plants. I have been applying Liquid Copper every 3-4 weeks but still happening. Today I sp..930 days 18hrs
Flowering kwan mango - Thanks Kath, The flowers are at the end of the growing tip, should I just cut them off at the base of the flower or further below?..1011 days 16hrs
My mango tree is growing bent - As someone else said, it was looking for light. Get it gradually exposed to sunlight and it will be ok. I wouldn't stake it just yet as you might damage the delicate roots...1013 days 15hrs

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Christmas giveaway - Just take out the spaces and replace the dot with a . Alternatively private message me on the TFF or aussie fig and fruit forums (same username as here) and I will set up a place to meet. Not keen on posting my residential address online. Rob..Liked Question 613 days 19hrs

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