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Citrus Trunk Scale

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Scott 10 starts with ...
Hi there,
I have a large Pomelo tree which has recently developed a white scale on the trunk with vertical cracks appearing in the bark. I have tried spraying the trunk with Eco Neem Oil but it hasn’t really made a difference. Other than this the tree is very healthy but I’m worried that if I don’t get this sorted soon it may go down hill.

Any ideas on treatment options?

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Scott 10
30th April 2018 8:31pm
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David01 says...
Hi Scott,

Yes, I suggest you:
1. To scrape off the scales as much as you can by using the blunt knife or thin bade.
2. Using tap water to clean the trunk.
3. Apply 2 coats of water base paint over infected trunk. It should be ok by then, you may need to re-apply a third coat in 3 months time if you still see some scales. Cheers
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2nd May 2018 8:45am
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Original Post was last edited: 2nd May 2018 8:46am

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