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Dan19's Edible Backyard

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Dan19 Forum Contributions
Trees3 - Any land that is subject to waterlogging and has acidic soil is very limited to the species suitable for use as cabinet timber. Grevillea robusta has a very high tolerance to flooding and drought. Corymbia ptychocarpa (Swamp Bloodwood) is a species ..1483 days 7hrs
Mexicola avocado - Hi, Anne. I could probably graft a few this week, if you have time...1491 days 16hrs
Huge avocado - Post Office is the name they gave to the variety in South Africa, found growing next to a post office, hence the name, with extra large fruit. It is now trademarked and known under the name 'Avozilla". It is not a made up name...1492 days 3hrs
Dwarf avacado trees1 - Hello Steve, If you are a after a dwarf avocado tree, select the one or ones/s that you would like to have. There is only one true dwarf variety. (Wurtz). Semi-dwarf include, Pinkerton, Lamb Hass, Hazzard. Do not place too much emphasis on type "..1492 days 3hrs
Mexicola avocado - Thank you Anne, That is most decent of you. Please send an sms or give me a call on 0467 079 008. I am available at any time. Kind regards, Dan..1492 days 6hrs

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