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Dwarf Avacado trees

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Steven Noble starts with ...
We just bought a house at Mt.Cotton in QLD and have been doing research on growing avocado trees. The back yard is not very big but it is in full sun from mid morning to late afternoon. The whole block is 800m2. I've found a few varieties of dwarf type A trees but can't find too many varieties of type B trees in a dwarf size. I plan on planting 4 trees in the back yard and perhaps a couple of smaller trees in front yard. I've narrowed the variety of A type trees to Pinkerton, Wurtz, Lamb Hass and Rincon. My wife really likes the Shepard avocados we get from our local fruit shop so I would like to have this variety as our type B tree. Do we need to have a balance of type A and B trees or could I go with 1x type B and 3x type A's. Also how far would be maximum distance from type A to type B?

Steve Noble
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Steven Noble
8th June 2016 2:01pm
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Dan says...
Hello Steve,

If you are a after a dwarf avocado tree, select the one or ones/s that you would like to have.

There is only one true dwarf variety. (Wurtz). Semi-dwarf include, Pinkerton, Lamb Hass, Hazzard.

Do not place too much emphasis on type "A" or type "B" species.

Chances are that neither will be in bloom at the same time, so it really is a moot point.
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8th June 2016 9:37pm
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