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Joel15's Edible Backyard

Joined: 26/07/16 Updated: 26/07/16 Frost:
Location: BRIDGEWATER,5155,SA

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Joel15 Forum Contributions
Pie cherry - Hi Andy, Pie cherries are sour cherries, such as morello and Kentish. Can't think of anything else grown here in the hills that it could be.....7 days 6hrs
Where can i get some yellowhorn - Hi, I might possibly be able to help you out and I'm also in the hills. What's your email?..109 days 7hrs
Shipova pear sorbopyrus irregularisin australia - I would love a Shipova but I highly doubt they are in the country. I've seen them as well as other interesting hybrids overseas. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread just in case!..427 days 7hrs
Make wine from plums - I have never made plum wine but have made other wines. I don't think the type of plum would matter too much...if you let it completely ferment then there won't be much sweetness left behind at all. There is plenty of information online about wine making, ..486 days 1hrs
Sea buckthorn1 - Hey Linton, I had a male and two females, the male must've dried out - they are small plants. Very interested in the Cyphomandra!..513 days 13hrs
Sea buckthorn1 - That's good news Linton, I just lost my only male plant unfortunately..522 days 8hrs
Kadsura coccinea good to eat or not - The flowers are beautiful! Hope it doesn't take too long for mine to flower. Sorry that I don't have any useful information for you, they seem pretty uncommon in Aus. Hopefully a member from overseas can offer their opinion!..555 days 9hrs
Jarilla species rare papaya relatives - Hadn't heard of these before, would certainly be interested in obtaining some!..580 days 6hrs
How to grow date plum persimmon from - Bear in mind varieties like Fuyu aren't compatible with D. lotus and are often done on kaki rootstock..641 days 10hrs
Elephant foot yam - A. paeoniifolius and A. konjac are the edible ones, both edible and non edible ones are on eBay at the moment..644 days 12hrs
How to grow date plum persimmon from - Cold stratify in fridge for 3 months in moist peat moss then plant out. May even germinate in the fridge...645 days 9hrs
Elephant foot yam - Amorphophallus paeoniifolius can be found on eBay at the moment..648 days 10hrs
Asimina tribolaamerican pawpaw temperate custard apple - I will eventually have scions of seedlings of named varieties from the usa, they are just too small at the moment. They are pretty true to type from seed...650 days 9hrs
Asimina tribolaamerican pawpaw temperate custard apple - I wonder if it's the same as 'Louis' I got from Perry's a couple of years ago....652 days 9hrs
Asimina tribolaamerican pawpaw temperate custard apple - Hi Mark, does your variety have a name or is it just a particularly good seedling?..655 days 13hrs

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