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Joel15's Edible Backyard

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Joel15 Forum Contributions
Nanking cherry prunus tomentosa - Hi 431neb, What's your email? I'll drop you a line..81 days 8hrs
Nanking cherry prunus tomentosa - Hi 431neb, Daley's have sold Prunus tomentosa in the past but it is a hybrid with a different leaf, I may have a small one of these floating around somewhere if you are keen. I have a couple of true tomentosa that I grew from seed but are very sma..86 days 8hrs
Pie cherry - Hi Andy, Pie cherries are sour cherries, such as morello and Kentish. Can't think of anything else grown here in the hills that it could be.....147 days 7hrs
Where can i get some yellowhorn - Hi, I might possibly be able to help you out and I'm also in the hills. What's your email?..249 days 8hrs
Shipova pear sorbopyrus irregularisin australia - I would love a Shipova but I highly doubt they are in the country. I've seen them as well as other interesting hybrids overseas. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread just in case!..567 days 8hrs

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