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Joel15's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Joel15 Forum Contributions
Black raspberry1 - I had no luck with my seeds but did obtain a plant which I will be propagating from, like most rubus they layer super easy..273 days 23hrs
Cudrania tricuspidata chinese mulberry - Hi Nia, I tried to graft a couple last year but was a bit late and they failed. Will try again this year but I have very few rootstocks, need to get more going. You don't really want them on their own roots as they will sucker everywhere...310 days 22hrs
Wanted sorbus domestica - Hi Doug, unfortunately I was unsuccessful with previous grafting attempts, I may try again this year though if I can get my hands on some scions..363 days 23hrs
Is this normal - Hey Linton, hope you're well! It's a bit hard to tell but the first 2 pictures look like young leaves on a new developing branch and the 3rd is the normal flowers of agapetes serpens. Hope this helps!..465 days 19hrs
Haskap berry - My seeds grown plants are doing well and holding up in the heat. There are some people growing them in Tasmania. Only suitable for southern Australia I suppose but they seem pretty tough once they get going..469 days 15hrs

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