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Figbarron Forum Contributions
Which apple variety has the best nutrients - An exerpt from this website "e;e;In order of antioxidant levels, the varieties ranked: Red Delicious (2,012), Northern Spy (1,548), Ida Red (1,479), Cortland (1,323), Golden Delicious (1,265), McIntosh (1,163), Mutsu (1,017) and Empire (782). The n..2496 days 15hrs
Pollanition1 - Yes they will pollinate each other. Please have a look at the Flemings pollination chart in the image attached. Happy gardening ..2496 days 15hrs
King that mango - Once the flower is fertilized, you will see a pinhead sized fruit, usually after a week? Im in Vic and mine flowered last November so there might be a difference in duration. For fruiting, granular fertilizer high in potash such as Sulphate of Potash ..2505 days 17hrs
Woven planter bag size for mango and - Hie there Its advised to start off with a smaller bag to avoid overwhelming/drowning the roots. for example if the pot you bought it in was a 2L pot, pot up to a 35L bag and it will last it for some years before needing to re-pot. As they grow talle..2505 days 17hrs
Black sapote1 - You wait until the calyx rises off the fruit as explained in Kaths video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMvIlsQT_LY..2506 days 23hrs

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Repotting fuit trees - Figs are about the toughest of plants. I don't want to insult your trees, so please don't take this wrongly- figs make good bonsais and bonsai fig trees produce figs if they are given enough light and warmth. At TAFE, each year the bonsais were taken ..Liked Answer 2617 days 21hrs

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