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King That Mango

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Charley1 starts with ...
Hi all, I have a king thai mango in a large pot. Its about 5ft tall and has flowered. Id love it to set fruit. How long before i see signs of fruit setting and is there anything I need to do to encourage fruiting?
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5th July 2017 3:11pm
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Figbarron says...
Once the flower is fertilized, you will see a pinhead sized fruit, usually after a week? Im in Vic and mine flowered last November so there might be a difference in duration.

For fruiting, granular fertilizer high in potash such as Sulphate of Potash is very good. It is also available as a soluble powder. Seasol also helps but not as well as soluble sulphate of potash.
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13th July 2017 8:54pm
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