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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Location: Perth

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Blueberry - I have different varieties and they tend to react differently to cold. Can’t remember which is which but soil and fertiliser is the same but some have slight colour variations in leaves this time of year. Nothing to be concerned with, they flower and fr..342 days 22hrs
Finger lime fruiting - Congrats with your finger line tree fruiting. Much earlier than mine, I’ve had two plants for two years and now is the first time one has fruited. Have about 5 small fruits and a lot of flower buds starting to form. The other plant would’ve fruited to..353 days 2hrs
Fig cuttings available - Hi Peter, I’m interested in getting some cuttings, you have some varieties that I don’t have yet and would like to add them to the collection. My email is canadia76@yahoo.com. Cheers..353 days 8hrs
Panache fig tree - I’ve never tried the water method but will give it a try to experiment. Previous cuttings I just scrape a knife and dip in tooting hormone. Struck 12 out of 14...354 days 2hrs
Dragon fruit - I’m planning on cutting down this cocos palm because it blocks sunshine from my young mango tree. The tree looks nice but doesn’t provide anything. The trunk is about 30cm thick and I’m planning on keeping about 2-3m of trunk to use for growing DFru..378 days 4hrs
Panache fig tree - Hi Danny333... If Kim14 is out, try Tass1 over in Midvale. They have a few small panache’s there (had a few last weekend so call before you go incase all sold), they also have a few other varieties such as purple vigilante, brown bell, purple prince, b..388 days 0hrs
Poorly pecan1 - Pecans are deciduous and are affected in autumn/winter. The top leaves appear sun burnt but that could’ve been due to transferring pot to ground, some of my plants have done that due to shock and sensitive roots. Ive lost a couple of young jackfruits th..397 days 6hrs
My beautiful dwarf pawpaw lots of big - Nice one, I’ve tried Pawpaw before but not much luck. Flowers and small fruit just fall off. Will try again I think once I’ve sorted out all the current tolsnts that I have, ..399 days 8hrs
Pomelos grown in melbourne - Will follow this thread, I grow some here over in Perth. Unsure of the variety but suspect Carters Red, grew them from seed and they are four years old at the moment. Only fruiting Pomello I have at the moment is a general one with light yellow flesh...399 days 8hrs
Blooming mango trees - Another thing, this is a pic of my pathetic Alphonse. I’m not happy with the ‘branches’ as they are long and weak and seem to have been kept in shady place. If I snip them all off about 1-2cm down (one cut of the trunk), new branches should develop ..401 days 4hrs
Blooming mango trees - Thanks guys. The last flowering I did let it fruit so hopefully that will be the end of it. I was previously told it was continually flowering due to too much nitrogen so don’t fertilise (even though I though N was associated with leaf growth ??) Today ..402 days 5hrs
Blooming mango trees - My Kwan mango has gone crazy last couple years. No leaf or new branch growth whatsoever, just flowers only. I pluck them and sometimes cut them off with one growth of leaves but flower shoots keep on coming. Even growing directly out of the trunk and bran..404 days 1hrs
Heirloom fig varieties - Hi Danny, It’s okay.... Regarding where the festival was, I used google :) ..455 days 1hrs
Tree spacing - Hi Fruitylicious1, Thanks for your advice, I was leaning towards one single tree (4.5m gap) between the two also. Having four along there would be a bit cramped. The mango would need to be dug up before the pool fill in as it’s only a metre away, once ..455 days 4hrs
Heirloom fig varieties - I didn’t know about the garden festival, where was it? I have purple vigilante but was from a cutting that I rooted last autumn so can’t comment on taste. Your one looks a lot bigger so I guess you’ll find out before me. I’m slowly getting a fig ..456 days 1hrs

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Growing avocado in melbourne - This is kind of what I'm hoping for :)..Liked Answer 339 days 8hrs
Finger lime fruiting - Hi Christy According to finger lime professional growers, finger lime fruits should be thinned for the first three years which will help tree growth and establishment. After 3 years the tree will be ready for the initial serious fruit production. If yo..Liked Answer 353 days 2hrs
Fig cuttings available - hi all, just finished starting about 100 desert king cuttings and have some left over for $10.00 ea. plus postage. also available for $10.00 ea. are black genoa, white genoa, cape white, white adriatic, lemmon lennie, black turkey, deanna, st..Liked Answer 353 days 9hrs
Panache fig tree - Hi Danny333, I use 50l clear plastic container (for storage) to grow all the cuttings or seedlings, which keep them moist and warm. I spray rubbing Alcohol solution 1:3 (1 Alcohol: 3 Water) if there is a sign of fungus. Cheers..Liked Answer 353 days 9hrs
Panache fig tree - Here are my new Panache cuttings kindly given to me by Kim14. I’ve decided to keep it simple and root them in water as it has worked for me in the past. Hopefully a few of them will take. ..Liked Answer 354 days 2hrs
Dwarf mandarin imperial root system - Hi Brad You read it right, I have a espaliered jaboticaba. I thought if doing it because I haven't heard or seen one before. That's what motivated me to be different. Happy gardening :-)..Liked Answer 367 days 3hrs
Dragon fruit - The stump will eventually rot. You can slow it down by putting a galvanized pier/post cap on it, as palms will rot from the inside out if the core gets damp. At the end of the day you will be better off heading down to the local farm store and getting a 2..Liked Answer 375 days 7hrs
Wanting to buy a cherimoya tree - Hi Tolga The secret of buying a cherimoya tree from Daley's successfully is you have to religiously monitor the availabilty once a week every Wednesday sometimes on a Tuesday when they update their stock. Due to its high demand and low supply the ch..Liked Answer 386 days 23hrs
Blooming mango trees - The Alphonse trees tend to be a spreading canopy like yours.... I would put a post in the ground to support & after fruiting then look at trying to get upright growth at the branches by pruning off any sideways growth...Mike..Liked Answer 398 days 7hrs
Panache fig tree - Peter3000 I would be interested in the Spanish Dessert except as you suggested it is a Smyrna; here's what I read online: "Ficus Spanish Dessert is a cultivar of Ficus smyrna, the best variety of fig to grow. However this type of fig only has femal..Liked Answer 402 days 2hrs

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