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Mango id and query too much flowering - ..4 days 12hrs
Pest on leave - Try an organic chilli spray of find the culprit remove, looks like caterpillar ..4 days 13hrs
Fruit in a difficult spot - I have a guava and wax jambu that is facing south that get a glimmer of sunshine from east and west, grow well and get fruit from guava. They would go better in the SW position you are considering. +1 regarding fig mentioned above, that will fill the area..10 days 11hrs
Mango id and query too much flowering - Hi, a couple of questions that I hope someone here can help me with. The KP grafted part of a mango plant died but I kept the original rootstock and dump it in a part of the garden to worry about it later. It is now flowering but it needed to be pruned b..13 days 16hrs
Blueberry - I have different varieties and they tend to react differently to cold. Can’t remember which is which but soil and fertiliser is the same but some have slight colour variations in leaves this time of year. Nothing to be concerned with, they flower and fr..404 days 12hrs

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Panache fig tree - Just an update on my 1-1/2 year old espaliered LSU Gold fig. Growing nicely in 45 ltr pot with heaps of fruits to boot. I'll gonna post my 1-1/2 yr old black Picone fig tree when the fruits are a little bit bigger. Happy gardening everyone 😎..Liked Answer 1 day 21hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - This is kind of what I'm hoping for :)..Liked Answer 400 days 21hrs
Finger lime fruiting - Hi Christy According to finger lime professional growers, finger lime fruits should be thinned for the first three years which will help tree growth and establishment. After 3 years the tree will be ready for the initial serious fruit production. If yo..Liked Answer 414 days 16hrs
Fig cuttings available - hi all, just finished starting about 100 desert king cuttings and have some left over for $10.00 ea. plus postage. also available for $10.00 ea. are black genoa, white genoa, cape white, white adriatic, lemmon lennie, black turkey, deanna, st..Liked Answer 414 days 22hrs
Panache fig tree - Hi Danny333, I use 50l clear plastic container (for storage) to grow all the cuttings or seedlings, which keep them moist and warm. I spray rubbing Alcohol solution 1:3 (1 Alcohol: 3 Water) if there is a sign of fungus. Cheers..Liked Answer 414 days 22hrs
Panache fig tree - Here are my new Panache cuttings kindly given to me by Kim14. I’ve decided to keep it simple and root them in water as it has worked for me in the past. Hopefully a few of them will take. ..Liked Answer 415 days 16hrs
Dwarf mandarin imperial root system - Hi Brad You read it right, I have a espaliered jaboticaba. I thought if doing it because I haven't heard or seen one before. That's what motivated me to be different. Happy gardening :-)..Liked Answer 428 days 17hrs
Dragon fruit - The stump will eventually rot. You can slow it down by putting a galvanized pier/post cap on it, as palms will rot from the inside out if the core gets damp. At the end of the day you will be better off heading down to the local farm store and getting a 2..Liked Answer 436 days 21hrs
Wanting to buy a cherimoya tree - Hi Tolga The secret of buying a cherimoya tree from Daley's successfully is you have to religiously monitor the availabilty once a week every Wednesday sometimes on a Tuesday when they update their stock. Due to its high demand and low supply the ch..Liked Answer 448 days 12hrs
Blooming mango trees - The Alphonse trees tend to be a spreading canopy like yours.... I would put a post in the ground to support & after fruiting then look at trying to get upright growth at the branches by pruning off any sideways growth...Mike..Liked Answer 459 days 21hrs
Panache fig tree - Peter3000 I would be interested in the Spanish Dessert except as you suggested it is a Smyrna; here's what I read online: "Ficus Spanish Dessert is a cultivar of Ficus smyrna, the best variety of fig to grow. However this type of fig only has femal..Liked Answer 463 days 16hrs

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