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Alabatusa's Edible Backyard

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Alabatusa Forum Contributions
I want to grow malabar chestnut in - Im pretty sure i've seen them selling at Bunnings in Sydney. To me that would indicate that we can grow them here! I dont think Sydney's weather gets that bad to kill plants! Unless your in blue mountains. Most sububan sydney should be fine. Based o..585 days 8hrs
Apple varieties grafted - Yes they can be done! Don't know if Daleys sells them, but there are other australian companies sell them. Usually go by name of Fruit salad trees...587 days 6hrs
Something atacking my guava - Wow Thanks so much. Ill pull the plant out a bit to give it a a bit more air. I might also reduce the sprinkler to stop splashing the leaves, and tell my partner to stop wetting the leaves and fruit...591 days 7hrs
Veggie id arbuzeh - Isn't Arbuzeh usually a melon of sorts? ..592 days 7hrs
Growing avocado trees in half wine barrels - You will still get some fruit, A & B is just beneficial for pollination. Research indicates that having an a & b increases yield by about 5-20%, so not ultra critical if your lacking space. You could always graft a B section to your single tree later, ..592 days 7hrs

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