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Anthony's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Anthony Forum Contributions
Is this a male papaya flower - Your best bet is to take a pic of the flower on the tree. Long dangling flowers are generally male, female flowers are close to the trunk and better looking. 👍..1630 days 13hrs
Seville orange fruit and seeds avaible now - I had two fruit on my Julie seville this year, and look just like that. The tree has had a tough couple of years, but is holding about 20 fruit at the moment. About 5 -6 years old and about 3 metres tall. Pretty tough tree. ..1630 days 14hrs
Dragonfruit flowering but not setting fruit - Columbian Supreme,Frankie’s Red, Vietnamese White, Yellow Megalanthus and Sugar Dragon will all set fruit on their own. Other varieties might, given the right conditions 🤞🤞, but it’s never a certain thing. If you only have room for one variety,..1664 days 14hrs
Dragonfruit flowering but not setting fruit - If the 3 plants that you have growing at the moment are all from the same parent plant, the best thing you scan do is get rid of 2 of them and replace them with a different variety of dragonfruit. Or if you have enough area, plant a couple of different ty..1862 days 14hrs
Dragonfruit flowering but not setting fruit - Probably a self sterile variety. Did you use pollen from a completely different variety, as that is the only surefire way to get good fruit set. Unless you have a self pollinating type. Flowers generally turn yellow and fall off if they’re not pollina..1867 days 19hrs

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