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Ortive1 Forum Contributions
Pouteria lucuma - Scott, Would you be able to post to Brisbane? Thanks...1324 days 1hrs

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Waterlogged yard - I has another 180mm of rain last night.The 5m deep streambank on a council easement behind my place collapsed in several places last night taking half of my ducasse's and threatening a jackfruit,bilimbi,neem,carambola and a few more bananas living on the..Liked Question 384 days 0hrs
Lakoocha and kwai muk - Some of the Chinese traders may have brought seeds over to Borneo hundreds of years ago . I have found these trees very fast growing , one in the front yard has grown to 6 m, + in 4 years . No fruit yet , A mate has a 5 year old tree that was taller but h..Liked Answer 602 days 12hrs
Carambola1 - what kind of carambola did you buy? was it a seedling? did the fruit taste good?..Liked Answer 749 days 18hrs
Cambuca plinia edulis - Mike I've heard their in country and established, but can't find out where. I guessed you would have them. But anyway there should be more around in a few years time...Liked Answer 831 days 4hrs
Preparing soil blueberries - happy earth - just looked at your web-site (I'm green with envy....!) - just a quick question - does the banna grass set any seed? I have heard of this stuff b4 and am interested in it as a wind break - but we have a shocking problem with african fountai..Liked Answer 885 days 24hrs

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