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Max 's Edible Backyard

Joined: 00/00/00 Updated: 03/01/22 Frost:
Location: ASCOT

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Albany wooly bush - Hi, does anybody know what’s wrong with my Albany wooly bush? It’s in a pot and we went away on holidays on a couple weeks and it has been raining heavily. Could this be overwater or something else? Thanks ..878 days 13hrs
Soil preparation for avocado - https://youtu.be/U26i4J9yv10 ..1480 days 0hrs
Soil preparation for avocado - Hi, it is recommended that you plant avocados on a mound if the soil is clay no matter how much organic matter you fill. Self Sufficient Me does a great video explaining it and he lives in SEQLD. I will put a link in the next post. ..1480 days 0hrs
Minnie royallee cherries - Near Brisbane airport- likely warmer than xarindale ..1494 days 8hrs
Brisbane northsideairport chill hours - Hi guys, if anybody is interested I have made a graph of chill hours in Brisbane (airport) for those who need help picking their winter stock. Fingers crossed this one is a cold one..1499 days 23hrs

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New dwarf pruning - Thanks. They are staying in the pots for now. Next winter I'll decide whether to transfer them to some larger (nicer) pots or make space for them in the ground...Liked Answer 1713 days 11hrs

Dwarf Peach

Max 's Edible Fruits
Update: 1499 days 23hrs

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