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Joined: 26/03/20 Updated: 11/05/24 Frost:

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Davewastech1 Forum Contributions
Spinosad to get rid of leaf miner - Nowadays what I can find is Yates tomato and vegetable dust. 0.5g/Kg spinosad (+ copper oxychloride and sulphur). 500 gram of dust for $10.98 at Bunnings. https://www.bunnings.com.au/yates-500g-tomato-and-vegetable-dust_p2961370 Thanks to M Nash a..76 days 23hrs
Carmen hass avo - Hi guys, Has there been any progress on Carmen avos in Aus yet? A Carmen sounds like the perfect fit to allow us to eat good tasting home-grown avos for much of the year. Seems like trees have been grown to supply commercial orchards on a small scale ..251 days 13hrs
Vietnamese oranges - Hi Edward3, The Wikipedia article on Cam sành https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cam_sành is useful. Yes, it mention that it is green skinned in the tropics, but orange skinned if grown in temperate climates. Typing "cam xanh" or "cam sanh&q..428 days 19hrs
Black sapote48 - Yeah probably. Mind you black sapote has to be almost a mush, otherwise it's not ready to eat ..550 days 19hrs
Growing bananas in sydney - My lady finger produced a decent bunch. The palm developed quite a big lean under the weight and eventually collapsed. I then hung it up in the garage - it took about two months more for them to ripen. Despite the long time ripening off the palm they were..550 days 23hrs

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Possums - "theres no flying foxes in adelaide." I'm liking Adelaide more and more..Liked Answer 491 days 23hrs
Guava trees in sydney - None of the commercially available types are that impressive, but Hawaiians are the best of what you can get from nurseries. ..Liked Answer 524 days 15hrs
Best tasting avocados - The Reed seed won't give you a Reed avocado tree. Usually, you get a unknown varity of avocado, which has a larger seed than what was planted. Nothing wrong with that, only that it takes from 7 to 10 years before it will bear. Grafted trees are faster to..Liked Answer 549 days 13hrs
Pepino plant leaves curling - Pepino melons are susceptible to red mites. A leaf spray under the leaves will be necessary. Hope this helps...Liked Answer 911 days 13hrs
Passionfruit30 - Panama Red and Pandora (which Daleys describes as a P.R selection and more tropical than black) are not ideal for Sydney. If you can provide background radiant heat in full sun then perhaps is ok. I found my PR took too long to sweeten up and many that dr..Liked Answer 921 days 20hrs
Passionfruit30 - Years ago I planted a Nellie Kelli - It didnt do well i the spot it was in - died soon after (I think Iwould do a better job now days) It took 2 years to get rid of the rotten wild suckers - they ruined an aspargus bed nearby - with hindsight would only ..Liked Answer 921 days 20hrs
Passionfruit30 - Hi Faye and all, FAYE starts with ... WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR PASSIONFRUITS WITH GRAFTED AND CUTTING. IS ONE BETTER THAT THE OTHER. after all that the QUESTION still not answered. Grafted vs cuttings, probably depends a lot on your climate an..Liked Answer 921 days 20hrs
Passionfruit30 - Having planted both types I would never touch a grafted one again, I've got rootstock suckers coming up everywhere in the soil around the vine...Liked Answer 921 days 20hrs

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