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Melbloke 's Edible Backyard

Joined: 15/07/20 Updated: 10/08/21 Frost:
Location: BAXTER

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Melbloke Forum Contributions
Finger lime lost leaves - Good to know,thank you..105 days 17hrs
White sapote quotkampongquot - Hello FL.. I was reading about your Kampong success with great interest as I just put mine in ground, I presumed you were in Tamworth because of your profile saying so. It's great to hear that yours is fruiting in Melbourne thanks..121 days 11hrs
Is my white sapote slowly dying - Hello Figbarron, I'm just down the road in Baxter and growing a lot of tropicals and other things. Are you still in the area and still growing rare fruits? I'd love an update of how your tropicals are doing mate.. cheers..121 days 11hrs
White sapote quotkampongquot - Hi Linton, how did you end up going with the Kampong? Thanks ..309 days 2hrs
White sapote dade and kampong - Hi Jason, I'm also in Victoria and I've ordered a Kampong.. Do you know if it has Wooly Leaf genes? Thanks in advance ..310 days 2hrs

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