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Avocardo and eco oil - Thanks Jakfruit and Kephas, The impression that I got listening to the radio program was that the oil was only sprayed on the blossoms, not the leaves. Pretty sure they were saying Eco-Oil but one thought that occurred to me is that if it coats the polle..1654 days 4hrs
Avocardo and eco oil - Hi, I have a ten year old secondo that is a little over 2 meters tall. This year it flowered well with lots of bee activity but very few fruit set. I heard on the radio this morning that Eco Oil should have been applied when the flowers first appeared a..1656 days 3hrs
Secondo avocardo - Hi Markmelb, Yes I am in NSW, just south of Sydney. First purchased this tree in 2008 but moved to its current location in late 2010. I don't have a lot of room for another Avo, the reason I chose the Secondo was it supposedly didn't need one. ..1711 days 10hrs
Secondo avocardo - I have a secondo purchased from Daleys about ten years ago. This variety is meant to be self pollinating. There have been a couple of seasons where I got a few fruit (good quality :)) but last season all the blossoms dropped. This year (Sept 2019) the blo..1712 days 13hrs
What type of nut is this - Can anyone identify what type of nut this is ? The tree looks exactly like a macadamia to me (i.e. leaves, blossoms, etc), but the nuts that are now forming in the juvenile stage look very different from what I have seen on other macadamias. ..3105 days 3hrs

Avocado - Secondo (A) ® (Grafted) 4/10

Roy's Edible Fruits
Update: 5404 days 3hrs

Comments: -

Secondo Avocardo - still alive but hasn't grown at all. Some parts of leaves are brown. Appears to have growth buds ready to sprout but has been like that for quite some time now.

Planted: 2008

Height 0.5 metres

Growing: In the Ground

Qty: 1

Sun/Shade: Medium Sun

Water Given in: Spring

Pollination: No

When I Fertilise: Spring

Pest Control:

anti rot used - 2 or 3 applications in last 3 months

Organic Status:Organic


Is there anything I can do to start this tree growing, not sure if I should try moving it to a different location. Currently is in a raised garden bed but it can grow through to the ground.

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ajedi2k1 says... [3440 days 9hrs ago]
mine is the same. any update since? do you have any growth? did you move the tree?

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