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Joined: 21/02/09 Updated: 21/02/09 Frost: None
Location: HEATHCOTE,2233,NSW

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What type of nut is this - Can anyone identify what type of nut this is ? The tree looks exactly like a macadamia to me (i.e. leaves, blossoms, etc), but the nuts that are now forming in the juvenile stage look very different from what I have seen on other macadamias. ..1304 days 6hrs
Avocado growth rate - Hi All, Another year has gone by and my Avocado looks ready to fruit - hope it won't be a repeat of last year when all the flowers dropped. I have fertilised and mulched and the tree looks healthy - but then again it did last year as well. Here h..1391 days 8hrs
Apple blossom drop - Hi All, I have an established apple tree (> 10 yrs) which used to fruit nicely with the apples ripening just after Christmas. Last year all the blossoms dropped and this year the procedure appears to be repeating itself. The blossoms form ok but the flo..1419 days 6hrs
Avocado growth rate - OK Thanks Mark - I'll give that a try. Probably too late for this year but the Avo is hopefully a long term proposition. Your Lamb Hass sounds great, didn't realise you could keep them in a grow bag...1683 days 13hrs
Avocado growth rate - Bit of a disappointment this year after last year's initial success - all flowers dropped and the tree is holding no fruit for 2015. Don't know why, the tree looks healthy and has grown (see pic). Strangely, the same thing happened to my apple tree, ..1684 days 6hrs
Avocado growth rate - Hi Joel, Waterfall is a great spot, hope you can keep the possums at bay. Roy..1784 days 10hrs
Avocado growth rate - Just picked the last of my avocados - only got a handful, but they were much appreciated. Keen to see if the tree retains more fruit this spring/summer...1785 days 6hrs
Aquaponic tomatoes - HI All, I've got a very basic, home made, aquaponic set up as part of my koi pond filter system. Last summer I successfully grew a grape tomato which grew to about 4.5m long. I was about to pull it out today but found the main stem is still alive. Any ..1785 days 6hrs
Avocado growth rate - Hi Brendan, It's about 110 cm high by 120 wide. The trunk is approx. 4cm diameter before it spreads out in the knot where the roots come from. I purchased it from Daleys in 2008 but it didn't grow at all until after I moved it to a new location in late..1920 days 5hrs
Avocado growth rate - Thanks Jason, Info and advice much appreciated. Roy..1937 days 7hrs
Avocado growth rate - Thanks for the replies Jason, Julie and Brendan. Looks like I need to be patient for a while yet ! Jason - the growth rate has been pretty reasonable I think - although I don't know what it should be. It seems to have spread out rather than gotten a lot..1937 days 10hrs
Avocado growth rate - Hi All, Jason was spot on when he advised the tree would only hold a few fruit. Most dropped off but there's about four left that appear to have grown to maturity. How do you know when to pick them ? They are smaller (7 to 8 cm long) than the ones I see..1939 days 11hrs
Avocado growth rate - Thanks Brendan, I just completed the first spray with a copper based fungicide. I live in Heathcote, one of Sydney's southern suburbs. Don't know if we have the same Anthracnose problem down here but a bit of prevention cannot hurt...2044 days 9hrs
Avocado growth rate - Most of the flowers did drop, but there are a few fruit forming. Do there need to be bagged or the tree netted to protect against predators such as possums, parrots, etc. ?..2048 days 9hrs
Avocado growth rate - Thanks Jason, that's reassuring. Just hope I get some fruit this year (it will be the first time if I do)...2101 days 5hrs

Avocado - Secondo (A) ® (Grafted) 4/10

Roy's Edible Fruits
Update: 3603 days 6hrs

Comments: -

Secondo Avocardo - still alive but hasn't grown at all. Some parts of leaves are brown. Appears to have growth buds ready to sprout but has been like that for quite some time now.

Planted: 2008

Height 0.5 metres

Growing: In the Ground

Qty: 1

Sun/Shade: Medium Sun

Water Given in: Spring

Pollination: No

When I Fertilise: Spring

Pest Control:

anti rot used - 2 or 3 applications in last 3 months

Organic Status:Organic


Is there anything I can do to start this tree growing, not sure if I should try moving it to a different location. Currently is in a raised garden bed but it can grow through to the ground.

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AJ says... [1639 days 12hrs ago]
mine is the same. any update since? do you have any growth? did you move the tree?

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