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Zarra Ridge's Edible Backyard

Joined: 26/11/08 Updated: 27/11/08 Frost:
Location: Whian Whian


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Zarra Ridge Forum Contributions
Veggie garden - Ewwww bunnings!!! Never stock seedlings with characteristics for your region. God love poulmans and businesses only worried about price consistency. I like the enclosure Amanda, very handymanish. As for the bok choy, 50% shade cloth in hot seasons (im..4086 days 19hrs
What is potash and tell me why - Hi Elf, Potash in essence is a source of potassium (element K). Potassiums main attribute to to increase overall plant health. It assists in protecting plants from stress and disease. It is associated with water use and conservation, and moves nutrien..4086 days 19hrs
Rosella bush - ZR Organics grow Rosella on a small/commercial scale. Anyone interested in information or produce can contact myself at enquiries@zarraridge.com.au. Also regarding the lemon/tangy green question prior. French Sorrel is widely available in good nurseries..4260 days 13hrs

Carob - Clifford

Zarra Ridge's Edible Fruits

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