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Julie's Edible Backyard

Joined: 26/11/08 Updated: 29/08/10 Frost:

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Hardy fruit varieties for a semiarid climate - Bush lemons are pretty tough. I had one for years that had no fertiliser or water, and it still produced more lemons than I could use. Might be hard to find, but easily grown from seed...1 day 7hrs
Seville orange - Glad it fruited for you John! Are you going to plant it out? It would do so much better...70 days 12hrs
Lime tree11 - Limes aren't bothered by winter, so it could be salt burn. Most citrus like cold weather in winter. Also, being by the coast, your temps are probably milder than inland...72 days 6hrs
Onion weed - I wonder if this would work with oxalis? Must be one of the hardest weeds to kill...73 days 7hrs
Avocado leaves going brown - A dish under the pot will not allow the water to drain off - I only use them in summer. Better to remove it. There are small 'pot feet' you can buy to raise the pot off the ground so roots don't stay too wet. ..73 days 7hrs

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Good english - I'll never date an apostrophe again. The last one was too possessive.....Liked Answer 1 day 7hrs
Worth mentioning - you're way out of order s1. Not sure what's going on for you but there might be other more productive avenues for you to express yourself than these threads, especially getting aggressive etc. Give a help line - or somebody you care about- a cal..Liked Answer 1851 days 0hrs
- ..Liked Answer 1856 days 8hrs
I am quite afraid - yrt you have been through a few identities already and it could be time to go back to Kert...Liked Answer 2075 days 12hrs

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