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Julie's Edible Backyard

Joined: 26/11/08 Updated: 18/11/20 Frost:

About My Edible Backyard

Why Julie Love's Edible Plants


Julie says... [3750 days 10hrs ago]
If I am going to use precious water and fertiliser, I want to eat it. But I like growing edible plants because I grow them organically, so they are not treated with synthetic chemicals. But I also grow a few flowers - food for the soul!
Julie says... [3750 days 10hrs ago]
Somehow the name of this got lost. It is called Southern European spinach. In Italy it is known as spinach.
Rick says... [2253 days 16hrs ago]
Julie, I would love some seville seeds if you can spare them thanks Rick
annie2341 says... [1542 days 20hrs ago]
Hi Julie, I know you haven't used this account in a while but since it's the right season thought I'd check in and ask if you have any Sevilles fruiting? I'd love some seeds and would be more than willing to pay you for the trouble! Cheers
BRIAN18 says... [367 days 15hrs ago]
Hi Julie. Do you have a kind of varied fruits farm with stuff for sale? I'm interested in figs, walnuts etc. Thanks, Brian.

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Lime leaves - Thanks jakfruit. Next time I am at my son's house I'll take along my soil testing kit. I also suggested he send a pic or leaf to the Dept. of Ag's home gardening advisory service - if they still have it...8 days 16hrs
Lime leaves - jakfruit, I checked for all those, and added them accordingly - or my son did, as instructed. The only element that has not been added is zinc, but this doesn't look at all like zinc deficiency in my experience. It has been in a pot for many year..10 days 13hrs
Lime leaves - I just can't work out what this is lacking. It had Epsom salts some time ago, then manganese. It has improved, but still missing something. Do you think it may need nitrogen?..16 days 8hrs
Dont know the name - I grew this years ago, but can't remember what it's called. Try posting a photo on Plantnet, it's a free app. It should tell you the name...74 days 9hrs
Name of plant1 - Looks very like Vinca major. Does it have small mauve flowers in spring? ..235 days 19hrs

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Good english - I'll never date an apostrophe again. The last one was too possessive.....Liked Answer 413 days 10hrs
Worth mentioning - you're way out of order s1. Not sure what's going on for you but there might be other more productive avenues for you to express yourself than these threads, especially getting aggressive etc. Give a help line - or somebody you care about- a cal..Liked Answer 2263 days 3hrs
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I am quite afraid - yrt you have been through a few identities already and it could be time to go back to Kert...Liked Answer 2487 days 15hrs

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