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Julie's Edible Backyard

Joined: 26/11/08 Updated: 29/08/10 Frost: Low
Location: Roleystone, WA, Australia

About My Edible Backyard

Why Julie Love's Edible Plants


Julie says... [2949 days 9hrs ago]
If I am going to use precious water and fertiliser, I want to eat it. But I like growing edible plants because I grow them organically, so they are not treated with synthetic chemicals. But I also grow a few flowers - food for the soul!
Julie says... [2949 days 8hrs ago]
Somehow the name of this got lost. It is called Southern European spinach. In Italy it is known as spinach.
Rick says... [1452 days 15hrs ago]
Julie, I would love some seville seeds if you can spare them thanks Rick
annie2341 says... [741 days 19hrs ago]
Hi Julie, I know you haven't used this account in a while but since it's the right season thought I'd check in and ask if you have any Sevilles fruiting? I'd love some seeds and would be more than willing to pay you for the trouble! Cheers

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Jerusalem artichoke - Does anyone in the Perth region have J. artichokes to spare? I used to grow them but can't find them anywhere.This is a good time to plant them - I think. Thanks...8hrs9mins
Best strawberries - Wozza, you will have to wait till they set runners later in the season, don't have any to spare ATM. Try emailing me as a reminder in a few months time:julwood at iprimus dot com dot au...4 days 9hrs
Identify mulberry tree - Your trees will be much easier to identify when they get leaves and/or flowers. Shouldn't be long now!..7 days 14hrs
June bug larvae - What are June bugs? Only ever heard of them in US publications. A scientific name might help...8 days 8hrs
Seville orange - Ali, when did you plant the seeds? They will take at least four years to fruit, probably more. ..18 days 13hrs
Fruit tree predators - Sounds like possums if "e;something heavy has climbed on it"e;...21 days 8hrs
Is this a blueberry plant - "e;It has been a really interesting learning experience."e; And it will continue to be - gardening is a never-ending learning experience. One of the things I love about it! Good luck with your garden. ..25 days 9hrs
Is this a blueberry plant - It certainly looks like a blueberry. Could do with a prune, but not now it is flowering...27 days 8hrs
Taking seeds overseas - You need to know Canadian regulations re importing seeds. I don't think there is a problem taking seeds out of Australia - bringing them in is more difficult! Customs are more concerned with loose seeds, and seem more relaxed about sealed,packaged se..28 days 9hrs
Drumstick tree - We have fairly mild winters in Western Australia, but it still gets pretty cold at night in the hills, down to 3C. My Moringa in a pot loses its leaves, but they come back again in spring...28 days 10hrs
Gac fruit anyone - Jenny, it's not a good idea to put your phone no and email online. It's fairly safe to put your email like this: chookyj at hotmail dot com. Less risk of spammers. ..35 days 8hrs
Blueberry - Blueberry Burst the worst of my blueberries - it had small, tasteless fruit and was not very productive. Total ripoff! Gone now...55 days 7hrs
Can we eat the pepino berry fruit - It is not a berry, and yes, you can eat it...55 days 7hrs
Julie seville orange seeds - Jodie, email me: julwood at iprimus dot com dot au and I'll let you know...64 days 10hrs
Identify planttree1 - Can't identify anything without a photo! ..70 days 9hrs

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