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Julie's Edible Backyard

Joined: 26/11/08 Updated: 29/08/10 Frost: Low
Location: Roleystone, WA, Australia

About My Edible Backyard

Why Julie Love's Edible Plants


Julie says... [2850 days 13hrs ago]
If I am going to use precious water and fertiliser, I want to eat it. But I like growing edible plants because I grow them organically, so they are not treated with synthetic chemicals. But I also grow a few flowers - food for the soul!
Julie says... [2850 days 13hrs ago]
Somehow the name of this got lost. It is called Southern European spinach. In Italy it is known as spinach.
Rick says... [1353 days 20hrs ago]
Julie, I would love some seville seeds if you can spare them thanks Rick
annie2341 says... [642 days 23hrs ago]
Hi Julie, I know you haven't used this account in a while but since it's the right season thought I'd check in and ask if you have any Sevilles fruiting? I'd love some seeds and would be more than willing to pay you for the trouble! Cheers

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Julie Forum Contributions
Plant identifcation - Mmm, don't think so. https://www.thespruce.com/downy-mildew-1402526 Still think it's a vinca, but let us know when it flowers, just out of curiosity! ..19 days 15hrs
Plant identifcation - Manfred, are you saying that vinca is invasive? I've never found it so. Haven't grown any for years, as they seem to die on me for no apparent reason. And I'm a careful gardener! ..21 days 12hrs
Plant identifcation - Let it grow a bit - still too small to tell. It does look like a vinca, but you wouldn't know till it flowered...28 days 12hrs
Caterpillar id - I have no idea what it is, but that is a beautiful caterpillar! Can you keep it safe somewhere to see what it turns into? ..39 days 12hrs
Aloe vera for juicing - I always wondered how people could possibly drink aloe vera juice. Mine is really bitter. So there are different varieties. I have never seen a named one, just plants labelled 'aloe vera'...46 days 14hrs
Trees bonsai bags - Mark, has the avo fruited yet? What sort of harvest can you get from a potted avo? ..46 days 15hrs
Trees bonsai bags - Fruity, like I said, "e;unless there has been a change"e;. I sent the "e;e;Trees in Bags' article to Daleys some years ago, when the plastic bags were 20 litres. There was also a larger shadecloth one meant to sit above ground. Good to see..49 days 14hrs
Trees bonsai bags - Fruitylicious1, the Bonsai bags are rather different to grow bags. I don't think they get any larger than 20l unless there has been a change. Read the article 'Trees in Bags' to find out more about Bonsai bags...56 days 16hrs
Growing figs in pots - Tried that several years ago. It only works if you move the snake around every day or so, as the birds soon realise it is harmless. Birds are smarter than you think!..62 days 15hrs
Fig tree - IJH, The blue blocks from the supermarket have a hole in them (I think!) Could you thread string through and hang or tie them in the tree? I recently had a huge problem with mice, that were not taking baits. Systems Pest Control sold me some very effec..68 days 14hrs
Oranges5 - jakfruit, I have to disagree. Bush lemon is just bush lemon, not a hybrid. It has no mandarin flavour at all. I have one that was a cut down grapefruit tree - it sprang up from the stock and is indestructible! One next to it is unkillable too - I h..73 days 14hrs
Seville orange fruit and seeds avaible now - Gazelle and RdH, see first post for my email address. I will have seeds in August/September, hopefully...74 days 17hrs
Lemon tree disease - Scales are pests, not a disease. Try spraying with white oil on a cool, preferably cloudy day. I would say the ants were attracted to the scales. There are also quite a few yellow leaves. This is a perfect time of year to give your tree a good feed. ..84 days 15hrs
When are bacon avocados ripe - Avos are not usually left to ripen on the tree. When the stem/stalk turns a light lime green you can pick them and let them ripen inside. An avocado grower told me years ago that leaving them too long on the tree affects next season's fruit. ..84 days 15hrs
Worms in guavas - Fruit fly. Search in the box top right...95 days 14hrs

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