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Julie's Edible Backyard

Joined: 26/11/08 Updated: 29/08/10 Frost:

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Julie Forum Contributions
Narrow tall pot grower - I didn't click on your pic earlier, and by 'long' I read 'tall'. Those pots are rather shallow to expect to grow a 3m plant. ..13 days 20hrs
Narrow tall pot grower - I have bamboo that has been in a pot for years. Not sure if it it easy to find - I was given mine. It's about 3m tall. ..20 days 12hrs
Tomato seeds - I use small plastic containers and envelopes. They both seem to keep seeds viable for some time. Be sure the seeds are totally dry before storing in plastic. ..25 days 12hrs
Order different fast grow big cactuses - Click on 'shop' top right to place an order. This is the discussion forum for gardeners...32 days 12hrs
Aglaia odorata chinese rice flower chinese perfume - Gumtree seems to have a few, depending on which state you live. Unfortunately, most members only put their suburb, which is of no help to those living in a different state. ..41 days 17hrs

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Good english - I'll never date an apostrophe again. The last one was too possessive.....Liked Answer 170 days 12hrs
Worth mentioning - you're way out of order s1. Not sure what's going on for you but there might be other more productive avenues for you to express yourself than these threads, especially getting aggressive etc. Give a help line - or somebody you care about- a cal..Liked Answer 2020 days 5hrs
- ..Liked Answer 2025 days 12hrs
I am quite afraid - yrt you have been through a few identities already and it could be time to go back to Kert...Liked Answer 2244 days 17hrs

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