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Julie's Edible Backyard

Joined: 26/11/08 Updated: 29/08/10 Frost: Low

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Why Julie Love's Edible Plants


Julie says... [3215 days 15hrs ago]
If I am going to use precious water and fertiliser, I want to eat it. But I like growing edible plants because I grow them organically, so they are not treated with synthetic chemicals. But I also grow a few flowers - food for the soul!
Julie says... [3215 days 15hrs ago]
Somehow the name of this got lost. It is called Southern European spinach. In Italy it is known as spinach.
Rick says... [1718 days 21hrs ago]
Julie, I would love some seville seeds if you can spare them thanks Rick
annie2341 says... [1008 days 1hrs ago]
Hi Julie, I know you haven't used this account in a while but since it's the right season thought I'd check in and ask if you have any Sevilles fruiting? I'd love some seeds and would be more than willing to pay you for the trouble! Cheers

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Seville orange - Which is it: Rangpur lime, Bush lemon or Rough orange? ..3 days 23hrs
Mandarin leaf curling down - Forgot to mention I start all plants off with blood and bone and rock minerals. As they grow I give liquid feeds. I top up individual minerals as needed,if I see signs of a deficiency...5 days 15hrs
Pecan3 - Mje, I suggest you click on 'contact' or 'shop' on the top left...5 days 15hrs
Indoor dwarf k coffee plant with white - Please contact me: julwood at aussiebroadband dot com dot au I changed server when I went over to NBN. ..8 days 15hrs
Whatss eating my chillies - One year rats ate my chillies. Could be the cause if they are being eaten from underneath...8 days 15hrs
Mandarin leaf curling down - I'm an organic grower, so as I said above, I feed with Seasol and Powerfeed roughly every two weeks, when I feed my other plants. They have certainly responded to this, with nice green leaves and quite a lot of fruit for such a small tree. ..11 days 17hrs
Mandarin leaf curling down - Mine is, Amanda. Must try and remember to take a pic tomorrow...15 days 14hrs
What trees are these1 - 1. Chinese tallow tree? 6. Loquat 2. and 4. look Loquat related. ..15 days 14hrs
Mandarin leaf curling down - I have a mandarin in a Bonsai bag - several years old now. It had this same problem, and I never figured out the reason. This year I have been giving it more regular feeds of Seasol and Powerfeed - the leaves are absolutely normal, and it is loaded wi..17 days 15hrs
Blackbean seeds and pods - Moreton bay chestnut (black bean tree) doesn't grow in Europe, so it's hard to tell exactly what you mean. ..20 days 15hrs
Sumac spice - Unless you want to encourage spam, it's much safer to put your address as: denise at haskapofoz dot com dot au..21 days 23hrs
Hass avocado tree1 - I don't really understand the question. How were you thinking of dwarfing it? Pruning? Doubt if you would get much fruit. You can use a Bonsai bag to keep the tree small, as it stops the roots from growing beyond a certain point. They were available f..25 days 17hrs
Blackbean seeds and pods - I have bought black beans in the supermarket. I don't understand about the pods. ..25 days 17hrs
Sick avocado plant - https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=avocado+mealybug+roots..28 days 7hrs
Seville orange - Won't be till around August. If you remind me then I can send you some if they are ripe enough. julwood@aussiebroadband dot com dot au ..28 days 8hrs

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