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Urban Bounty's Edible Backyard

Joined: 15/05/22 Updated: 15/05/22 Frost:
Location: Melbourne

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Has anyone tried growing a lychee tree - Hello MaryJane How did you go with the lychees? Thank you ..566 days 23hrs
White sapote quotkampongquot - Thank you very much for your reply. I had an opportunity to buy an 8 year old potted lemon gold when I bought my kampong but I did not have the room but maybe I should have made room going by your description. I have a youtube channel called urban bount..664 days 6hrs
White sapote quotkampongquot - Hi Linton, my Kampong is fruiting in Baxter not far from you. I bought it very advanced, in fact the daleys tag number says 165 so I presume it was the 165th cutting. Do you have a youtube channel? Thanks ..673 days 4hrs
Distance from dwelling - Thanks Marlon. My raised bed is fully open at the bottom. The main reason I used a raised bed was to plant vegies and greens in the vicinity and not have too.many surface roots competing with the vegies which seems to be working. Cheers ..742 days 14hrs
Distance from dwelling - Hi Marlon. I planted a wonderful 2 years ago in my front yard in Melbourne and it is in a raised bed near a fence. It has grown quite a bit and we just harvested some fruit. By coincidence mine is around 3.5 meters from the house and I am not worried ..744 days 9hrs

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White sapote quotkampongquot - Dear Friend No sorry. I don't have youtube. Great to hear that you have fruiting Kampong tree and I hope they will taste divine. I have disposed of my tree once I worked out what the problem was. It became evident which was also concurred by othe..Liked Answer 664 days 6hrs
White sapote quotkampongquot - Still no fruit on the Kampong after many years while the other ws varieties are all fruiting. ..Liked Answer 673 days 4hrs
Distance from dwelling - You have a lovely garden Paul, and you obviously have nothing to worry about since yours are in raised beds. Unfortunately my questions are not answered. I’m planning to plant mine direct on the ground so it can grow bigger and produce lots of pomegrana..Liked Question 742 days 14hrs
Mangos grown in melbourne - Hello Mark, I am in Melbourne not far from you. I have a standard kensington pride in the ground going well (second year) and will later in the year put a royal red in and give it a go. Can I ask, where you got your gomera-1 seed from. I have bee..Liked Answer 744 days 9hrs

Avocado - Bacon (B) (Grafted) 8/10

Urban Bounty's Edible Fruits
Update: 744 days 9hrs

Comments: -

Hardy once established here in Melbourne! Trunk has browned off now in the second season. There was a small amount of branch die-back from cold wind during it`s first winter. 

Planted on a large mound of bought in sandy soil and is a reliable pollinator for my mature Hass which is 3 meters away.

Planted: 2020

Qty: 1

Water Given in: Spring


Pollination: Cross Pollination

Fertiliser or Organics Used: Potash, Blood and bone, garden mulch

When I Fertilise: Spring

Pest Control: None

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