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Dead's Edible Backyard

Joined: 26/11/08 Updated: 27/11/08 Frost:


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Dead - Thanks Speedy, what a dilemma. The D' Chinensis only appears on their price list (quite cheap!) Will you let me know if you get one and can keep it alive, outside of a greenhouse. I'm interested to see if it's stronger than it's mate the Ylang Ylang. ..5388 days 5hrs
Dead - Thanks Speedy, I'll get in touch with that nursery. I found the Desmos chinensis at: http://www.equatorialexotics.com Sorry I can't make this a link! They're in Queensland. I'll look some more for you. Also, should I dig up my Ylang Ylang do you thi..5388 days 23hrs
Dead - Wow thanks Greg and Speedy. I'm a new gardener so I don't feel like a murderer now! I cut back the Ylang Ylang, and the colour of the trunk near the roots is O.K. But would you still consider this (Twig ) dead and dig it out? You know I had plastic and..5391 days 5hrs
Dead - I brought the Ylang Ylang tree from you last year, and I've pampered it, kept it warm and covered it in frosts (Melbourne has a contrary weather pattern) . No good, the entire top, branches and leaves turned black as coal, as though burnt in an oven. Wha..5393 days 2hrs

Ylang Ylang

Dead's Edible Fruits

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