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Nick's Edible Backyard

Joined: 23/10/08 Updated: 23/10/08 Frost:
Location: Sydney

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My great idea2 - Correy - thanks for the update. Perhaps you could let the user filter the list so that he/she could see all plants or just thos in stock. I can see merit in both forms of the list. BTW - I must say I'm very impressed witht the overall great attitude..3860 days 20hrs
My great idea2 - Corey - I tried the fruit tree selector but it seems that a lot of fruit trees are 'missing' from the selector (e.g. citrus). Is this something that is being addressed? - the tool is a great idea, but not much use without the full underlying database a..3862 days 14hrs
Tamarillos1 - Thanks Scott - would be keen to see a photo, so that I can see what I'm aiming for!..3870 days 18hrs
Tamarillos1 - My (recently acquired) Tamarillos are doing well but I notice one of them has developed a second stem. Should I remove this (i.e. are they meant to have just one stem to achieve maximum vertical growth?)..3871 days 11hrs
Passionfruit2 - Hi I planted a grafted passionfruit vine a year ago and it has grown spectacularly and is very healthy. When will it flower/fuit? There is no sign of it flowering...3891 days 12hrs
Fruit trees in pots2 - Elizabeth - I forgot to say thanks for the information! I am in Frenchs Forest, so not inland either...3894 days 9hrs
Fruit trees in pots2 - Elizabeth - wow! This gives me a lot of hope. As mentioned, I am yet to start, but have been inspired by the number of people in this forum who are growing in pots. I ordered a couple of Tamarillos from Digger's Garden Club (before I discovered this..3894 days 9hrs
Veggie forums - Hi Slightly off topic, but is anyone aware of forums (fora?) similar to this for veggies??..3894 days 10hrs
Fruit trees in pots2 - To be honest, there is such a huge range in the Daley's catalogue, I really don't know where to start! I'm thinking a Sapote, a dwarf mango and potentially some of the apple varieties that would cope with Sydney climate. I intend to use fairly la..3894 days 13hrs
Fruit trees in pots2 - Hi Thanks for your responses. To be honest, its the more exotic stuff (as opposed to citrus) that I'm interested in. I am in Frenchs Forest which doesn't get much in the way of chilling hours. I am keen to grow some of the more unusual stuff, bu..3895 days 16hrs
Fruit trees in pots2 - Hi. Thanks for sending me your catalogue. It would be useful to know which items can be grown in pots. Also, as a novice to this stuff, how do I determine what would grow in Sydney, NSW?..3896 days 13hrs

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