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Moving a lychee tree - Hi, I don't know the characteristics of the Lychee, but to give you some confidence I moved this 15/20yo mango a month ago. Mango trees are slow growers here. I was lucky, it was a redevelopment site with a large excavator on hand. The operator was mo..Liked Answer 74 days 9hrs
Cold tolerence bouea macrophylla - Hi Micarle, Do you know where I might be able to find a Maprang?..Liked Question 134 days 12hrs
Sweet potatoes - In our sands Amanda i think we could add just about anything! The purple skinned S.P plant that I got from Bunnies 2 months ago is now a dense ground cover of over a mtr in any direction. Before planting I added aged pig, sheep, B & B, potting mix,new kit..Liked Question 135 days 9hrs
Question for australia - Yes, mamey is frost sensitive; mine died in its first winter. Green Sapote took minus 2 deg C and is growing .albeit v. slowly...Liked Question 191 days 19hrs
Trees in one hole - Hi Steve can you put some photos on the site it would be great to see them...Liked Question 204 days 9hrs
Avocado trees dying help - i have a hass avocado that has lost every leave it had but it has fruit on it is this normal or is it sick its still quite small and the trunk is quite green..Liked Answer 221 days 9hrs

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