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Randey's Edible Backyard

Joined: 09/05/09 Updated: 09/05/09 Frost: Low
Location: east cannington,6107,WA

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i have a 1/4 acre block with around 25

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Randey Forum Contributions
End of mango branches deformed - my apologies. although i did not expect a response like that. ..821 days 13hrs
End of mango branches deformed - Are you sure that the "e;brown"e; leaves are not just the new leaves which will turn green as they grow. The "e;lumps"e; are probably left over from previous years fruit growth. ..823 days 22hrs
Passionfruit flowering but not fruiting1 - Tony, have you considered hand pollination. Take one of the pollen loaded bits and rub it over the face of other bits.Try and do it when the flower is at its peak. Too early and the pollen will still not have powdered and too late it will have hardened. T..934 days 17hrs
Achacha dying - Broadie, this may seem to be a different approach but when in the past i have had similar shrubs going "e;stick"e; on me i have taken the plant out of the pot and washed the roots of all dirt and replanted in new potting mix ensuring that all air ..940 days 1hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - Bourne, suggest that you spray with Mancozeb at actual fruit set. That is when the fruit has stopped self pruning so to speak. Also a good idea to spray again when fruit is well along to maturity. Again, good luck..940 days 1hrs
Dragon fruit rot - Hi, i have been growing dragons for years and i know what you are referring to. Dragons like any tree can suffer from "e;collar"e; rot, that is when either mulch or too much water is constantly in contact with the base. With my affected dragon i d..943 days 10hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - I was reading earlier in the forum about someone beating their tree to encourage fruiting. This may seem to some as barbarism but there is truth in the results. The same applies to our native bush when a fire goes through it in regards to opening up seed ..943 days 11hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - Bourne, i live in Perth as well and as Steven says it is quite normal. also keep in mind that not all of the "e;set"e; fruit will stay. Mangoes like all fruit trees will self manage and some of the fruit will fail, don`t be discouraged. I have bee..943 days 11hrs
Sleepers as veggie surrounds - I concur with Denise. Placing black polythene over the walls and bottom of the beds is going to greatly reduce the possibility of uptake. Then again why the need to use old sleepers in the first place when there are multiple alternatives out there. If you..1044 days 13hrs
What sort of tree and ground cover - I don`t know about the tree/plants. But as far as transplanting is concerned there are many "rooting compounds" out there that may assist you. Or even using honey as it is a natural disinfectant and i have also found that it also provides the plant with a..1044 days 13hrs
Lady fingers - Sounds like you are doing all the right things but for the wrong plants. What i mean is that when any type of banana is growing you will see the suckers coming up, some will have a broad leaf and others will have a leaf shaped like a spear. It is the spea..1044 days 13hrs
Banana2 - Hey Dougie, looking good. Just remember to keep the manure and the water up to them. Bananas are voracious feeders and will always respond well. In the past i had my crop being watered from the shower using phosphate free soap.Added to that copious amount..1255 days 2hrs
Black sapote not growing - the flowers are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. many fruiting trees will shed excess flowers, ie mangos, mandarins etc. it is all about self pruning of sorts. imagine a mature fruit tree having all of its flowers grow into fruit. the tree woul..1291 days 22hrs
Sugar canebamboo in perth - no need of payment. glad to help out..1303 days 11hrs
Sugar canebamboo in perth - no. he hasn`t gone . it just smells that way. sorry folks my wife and i have gone through a rough patch healthwise. hef you are more than welcome to take some cuttings although at the moment i only have 2 mature spikes left after harvesting. the young one..1304 days 13hrs

Rollinia - Brazilian Custard Apple

Randey's Edible Fruits
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