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Achacha dying

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Broadie starts with ...
I grew an Achacha from seed and as I live in a unit I kept it in a pot on the deck and it has always been healthy. It is about 4 years old and recently I noticed the soil around it had been roughed up and a cane toad had taken residence. The toad has been dispatched but my tree is now dropping leaves profusely and has only a few left. Is there any chance I can save it?
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Southport Qld
23rd November 2016 2:18pm
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randey says...
Broadie, this may seem to be a different approach but when in the past i have had similar shrubs going "e;stick"e; on me i have taken the plant out of the pot and washed the roots of all dirt and replanted in new potting mix ensuring that all air pockets are dispelled. Then give the shrub a medium prune and maybe a light spray of anti fungal like Mancozeb. Also preferable to do the transplant in the cool of the evening and keep it in the shade for a while. Good luck
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east cannington,6107,WA
29th November 2016 11:11pm
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