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Sev's Edible Backyard

Joined: 16/08/09 Updated: 16/08/09 Frost:
Location: Miami

About My Edible Backyard

Why Sev Love's Edible Plants

I'm a horticulturist, hobbyst.  I'm interested in growing tropical fruit trees, specially Mangos.  I recently bought an acre which I'm using for planting a santuary of different cultivars of tropical fruits, and in which I will possible get retired in the future.  I'm always interested in growing and propagating rare fruits but not for commercial use so far.  Just to share with family and friends.  I"m in the early fiftees now.  We have a very alkaline soil in this area of the country, and a lot of rain most of the year.  My biggest challange is to be able to have a small business that could offer rare fruits and specialities not available in stores. 

I grow Mango, Bananas, Sapodillas, Mamey, Sugar Apple, Sour Apple, Cherimoya (Custard Apple), Attemoya, Avocados, Citrus, Guavas, White Zapote, Grosellas, Averrua Bilimbis, Tomatoes, Spondias, Lychis, Longan,Carambola, etc




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Sev Forum Contributions
Papaya cuttings propagation - I need to know exactly how to propagate papaya trees from cuttings. Once we cut the tree trunk, and new sprouts come out, what's the right time to cut them? After cutting them, should we put them in water for some time, Or directly in the potting mixtur..5297 days 21hrs
Young mango tree trunk drying - Anthracnose because of excesive humidity, and probably lack of enough sunshine. Copper fungicide, and alternate with Daconil, or Dithane, or any other Mancozeb fungicide type. Put your seedling directly under the sun, or artificial light in case your cl..5372 days 24hrs
About blood lime - I live in Miami, Florida, and I'm looking for someone in Australia who can send me three or four seeds from a citrus native to that country named "Blood Lime". I'm a citrus lover, and I like to collect these rarities. This is not available in USA. ..5393 days 21hrs

peach - white coastal

Sev's Edible Fruits
Update: 5393 days 21hrs

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Sev says... [5393 days 21hrs ago]
I'm looking for someone to help me find a rare citrus from Australia called "Blood Lime". I need a few seeds if is possible. Thanks

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