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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Joined: 25/02/09 Updated: 25/02/09 Frost: None
Location: sarina

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%uFFFDI have just finished planting out some finger limes and red pommello,s that I got from a mate up at Ingam, they are all grafted so should be getting fruit in couple of years as I remove flowers for first few years to make sure trees have strong frames to carry big crops. Cheers.%uFFFD

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Kevin Whitten Forum Contributions
Need help id pest - this looks like severe sunburn or frost burn paint with mixture of copperoxycloride and lime..816 days 14hrs
Attractive artocarpus - Do Marang,s need to be cross pollinated ? as I have one that is bearing fruit, however they are dropping off after a couple of weeks after fruit set.My tree is over 25 yrs old, about 4mtrs high...2733 days 19hrs
Dter animal spray - I have tried D-TER, didnt do much, cocky,s still had a feed,it might be good for some wildlife so keep trying...2931 days 14hrs
Keledang or entawak - Rosemarie, I now a bloke in ALRARISH near INNISVALE who grows these fruit trees and may have some plants...3374 days 23hrs
What are your favourite fruit trees in - My favourite 3 fruit are-GRANADILLA with orange juice mixed in and ice cream. YELLOW PATAYA with a sqeeze of lime to enhance the flavour. KOHALA LONGON just fill your pockets and munch allday long...3544 days 12hrs
Burdekin plum3 - yes,in general its a good idea to allways have more than one fruit tree type for good cross pollination and this will give you more fruit...3567 days 22hrs
Achacha fru - sdhsd says, I would need a positive identifacation as I have never seen this tree, but a photo would be good. Much appreciated...3593 days 12hrs
Achacha fru - Thanks, JUJUBE FOR SALE IN MELBOURNE,yes I have contacted the site you recommend, but they are not selling plants, maybe some fruit in feb. 2010, there orchard is at Ayr, Qld. If anyone else has any tips on how to get onto this plant that would be good...3595 days 13hrs
Achacha fru - Can anyone help me , I am looking to add to my collection a fruit tree called Achacha [garcinia humilis selecto] Thanks...3597 days 7hrs
Young mango tree trunk drying - Herman thats natures way...3602 days 15hrs
Duriun trees have you seen any - To DUR IAN, thanks for the back-up.Some people take some convincing...3602 days 15hrs
Young mango tree trunk drying - N o Herman, your mango is not dying but old leaves showing signs of a disease called anthracnose spray with copperoxycloride, good luck..3602 days 20hrs
Duriun trees have you seen any - Marcello, sorry to disappoint you but it looks like a jakfruit tree to me, durian fruit have long sharp points on shell, cannot see that on your photo...3622 days 10hrs
Poor mans orange what is it and - Looks like a fruit I have tasted, called ORANGE BERRY/Glycosmis citrifolia and Pentaphylla hope this helps..3702 days 19hrs
Ylang ylang - Aimee, Go to Daleysfruit.com.au as I have just purchased one from them good luck...3795 days 20hrs

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