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BigKev1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 16/08/09 Updated: 25/08/10 Frost:
Location: Sarina

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%uFFFDI have just finished planting out some finger limes and red pommello,s that I got from a mate up at Ingam, they are all grafted so should be getting fruit in couple of years as I remove flowers for first few years to make sure trees have strong frames to carry big crops. Cheers.%uFFFD


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BigKev1 Forum Contributions
Need help id pest - this looks like severe sunburn or frost burn paint with mixture of copperoxycloride and lime..1476 days 21hrs
Attractive artocarpus - Do Marang,s need to be cross pollinated ? as I have one that is bearing fruit, however they are dropping off after a couple of weeks after fruit set.My tree is over 25 yrs old, about 4mtrs high...3394 days 2hrs
Dter animal spray - I have tried D-TER, didnt do much, cocky,s still had a feed,it might be good for some wildlife so keep trying...3591 days 21hrs
Keledang or entawak - Rosemarie, I now a bloke in ALRARISH near INNISVALE who grows these fruit trees and may have some plants...4035 days 6hrs
What are your favourite fruit trees in - My favourite 3 fruit are-GRANADILLA with orange juice mixed in and ice cream. YELLOW PATAYA with a sqeeze of lime to enhance the flavour. KOHALA LONGON just fill your pockets and munch allday long...4204 days 19hrs

Yacon - Apple of the Earth

BigKev1's Edible Fruits
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