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Haakon says... [3424 days 9hrs ago]
Because you can eat them

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Haakon Forum Contributions
Sick avo - Sunburn is common on wa avocados..2885 days 7hrs
Orchard - Plums and cherries are a good bet. ..2887 days 4hrs
Avocado varieties - Cannot remember what corn Brendan, the photo is about 4 years old...2896 days 6hrs
Avocado varieties - Brendan, I googled bee range and found plenty of opinions on how far a bee might range. The most intuitive would be a close to home as possible. So if you live in an area with lots and varied gardens area they probably are not going that far from home. If..2899 days 5hrs
Avocado varieties - The question is still interesting. There is a large avocado at the bottom of my hill, say 200m away. I wonder if that would do. I would count on the bees to do it though. In the suburbs bees are spoilt for choice. There is almost always some major tree ne..2902 days 4hrs

Avocado - Sharwill (B)

Haakon's Edible Fruits
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