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Joined: 16/08/10 Updated: 16/08/10 Frost:
Location: Miranda

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Nothing tastes sweeter than your own, home grown, fruit!


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Is my avocado dead - Many thanks Araich. Will do - and let you know if it survives ..4506 days 13hrs
Is my avocado dead - I've been growing an avocado from seed in a pot. Doing very well, until Xmas..... I put the pot in a bucket to make sure the pot didn't dry out! It then rained and rained. I think I drowned the thing. All the leaves are brown and dry. Is it co..4507 days 13hrs

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Babaco Cutting 10/10

Why Neilh1964 wants it: -

Love the taste - and have all the other fruits I need

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