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VLR's Edible Backyard

Joined: 16/05/09 Updated: 16/05/09 Frost: Low
Location: Perth

About My Edible Backyard

Why VLR Love's Edible Plants

I love growing edible plants because it's fun, gets me out outdoors and you get a nice reward at the end! My biggest challenge is space as I live on an average suburban sized block. My soil is sandy loam, which doesn't hold moisture too well but on the plus side the shade from some mature trees keeps my garden cool and thriving during Perth's hot summers. We don't get much rain here except during winter so during warm weather I'm out handwatering everything once or twice a week. Luckily I live on a north-facing block so there's plenty of sun (sometimes too much) over most of the garden. Since edible plants can be higher maintenance than other plants, I've been planting out the front yard with natives. See you at the Kings Park native plants sales!

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

VLR Forum Contributions
Melaleuca bracteata - I don't know whether it's worth a try but maybe contact your local council and try to get a free one by explaining what your neighbour did? My council does a free street tree planting program in winter and there are some Melaleuca species on their list...2903 days 6hrs
Peachnectarine tree - I'm just going to let my trees fruit if they start doing so during the winter and see what happens. So far it's just the blueberries and peach that are flowering out of season. Hopefully with the extra cold weather lately the plants will take the hint t..2938 days 15hrs
Peachnectarine tree - I have the same problem with my Tropic Beauty though it's not fruiting yet, BJ. I only planted it last spring and its leaves were burnt from the dog (and perhaps another male of the household?) peeing on it. I thought it was stress (it dropped its leaves..2948 days 19hrs
Hydrochloric acid - I think concrete man is right but it may change the pH of the soil it washes into. Of course with winter rain the effects will be lessened as it'll dilute the acid even more in the soil. I'd probably just do a pH test of the area before planting and cor..2969 days 6hrs
Beginner needs help soil preparation - Speaking of sawdust there are rabbit breeders in Perth willing to give large bags away of used bedding for free so you can have rabbit manure with pine shavings/sawdust if you're able to pick it up yourself. I've done this myself and it breaks down real..2985 days 6hrs
Tree identification1 - I think it's a quince tree. I've only ever seen one growing. The fruit is usually cooked because they're quite sour and astringent...3025 days 20hrs
Blueberry - I gave mine some Seasol then watered it daily to keep the soil moist (I mulched it when I re-potted it). I left the leaves on because there was a heatwave coming and I thought it would be pointless. When the temperatures dropped a bit I trimmed off the en..3032 days 4hrs
Blueberry - I bought a Misty and Sharpe from Dawsons in December and found the same thing - the Misty leaves started to go a bit limp. I think the sun was too much for them combined with the hot easterlies. They're in large pots so I moved them from a position where..3041 days 0hrs
Chuoi cau banana plant - I have a couple of monkey banana suckers here in Perth that I bought in December. They're over a metre high and were $30 for 2 (initially $20 each but since I only was going to get one he threw in another for $10). I found them through Gumtree and bought..3053 days 6hrs
Cherry trees3 - Are there any nurseries down in Manjimup that could send some to you? Maybe even ask a local nursery to order some in for you?..3091 days 20hrs
Dwarf gala query - Are you talking about duo planting, Carol? Flemings nursery has a small help guide on duo and trio planting: http://www.flemings.com.au/helpguides.asp..3140 days 2hrs
Blueberry xpollination - Sharpeblue would be a good variety. It's another low chill highbush variety and according to the nursery hand I bought it from, it's supposed to taste a little better than the Misty...3144 days 7hrs
Calamansi lime - My Filipino mum and her friends think the calamondin kumquat is the same as a calamansi lime. It tastes the same to me anyway. I guess climate and the stage of ripeness when harvested affect the colouring. I use it like calamansi. I guess you should pick ..3149 days 20hrs
Mulberry from cuttings - I grew half a dozen cuttings from my mulberry tree last summer when we cut half of it off to extend a fence. I used a root strike powder for medium wood and they all took. I forgot to water them several times after the first leaves appeared but they still..3205 days 3hrs
Treated pine1 - I guess the treated pine would need to be replaced before they've been in the ground for 40 years? That should be longer than any untreated timber. I certainly wouldn't recommend using jarrah in the Perth area anyway because they tend to become infested..3205 days 7hrs

Grapefruit - Flame 9/10

VLR's Edible Fruits
Update: 2885 days 6hrs

Comments: -

The plant was quick to bear lots of fruit for such a small tree. Easy to look after.

Fruiting Months April, May, June

Planted: 2009

Growing: In a Pot

Qty: 1

Fruit Harvest: 14 Fruit Per Year

First Fruited: 1 Years from purchase in pot

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

Water Given in: Spring

Pollination: Self Pollination

Fertiliser or Organics Used: Dynamic lifter

When I Fertilise: When Fruiting and Spring

Pest Control:

Large green grasshoppers are the only critters I've found eating my tree. Just remove them by hand.

Organic Status:Partially Organic

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