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Joined: 31/08/11 Updated: 31/08/11 Frost: None

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Lemonade fruit - Anyone in Brisbane region/ area that has spare Lemonade Fruit I can get? Only after 10. Thanks..525 days 8hrs
Queen garnet plum - Justin, Sure, it would be boring just to eat the same however,Queen Garnett plum has been scientifically tested and scrutinized, something which can't be said about other plum varieties. ..837 days 12hrs
Queen garnet plum - Queen Garnett Plums are grown in Stanthorpe area (as far as I know), they do like cold conditions. Hugh M can correct this info. Cheers, Peter1 ..966 days 18hrs
Queen garnet plum - Hi Ayebaresan, Thanks for that info, next time I'm in Toowoomba I'll have a look, in the meantime, thanks, but have placed an order with nutrafruit earlier. Thanks for the thought though. Cheers, Peter..1236 days 17hrs
Queen garnet plum - HughM, I went to Woolworths yesterday evening , purchased 2kg of Queen Garnett, I asked about the juice, they know nothing about it, they checked their inventory for stocks (from the front desk), they still said no nothing about it as in the juice. It ..1238 days 0hrs
Queen garnet plum - Queen Garnet plums now available at Woolworths fruit section at Hyperdome Loganholme. Brought couple of kilos today. Still waiting to see if the juice arrives at the same location. Cheers, Peter..1244 days 6hrs
Queen garnet plum - Thanks HughM, I'll be keeping an eye out for it. Cheers ..1249 days 10hrs
Queen garnet plum - Hi HughM, Thanks for that info. I can imagine demand will be high for that plum. I've had some last year and must admit it was one of the better plums I've tasted in a long time. Will the juice be available at Woollies about that time? I am assum..1251 days 2hrs
Queen garnet plum - @ HughM Thanks for letting us know. All I know in my neck of the woods, Woollies are the only ones that will have them, no other grocer i.e. fruit and vegetable sellers would have them. How long is the window? Window as in harvest. Thanks..1251 days 18hrs
Queen garnet plum - They will be avsilable, probably only through Woolworths as they have a contract. Similar to last year. Only a short window of supply. As for health properties....not that long ago everyone thought the world was flat and you would fall off.... There..1253 days 9hrs
Queen garnet plum - I also watched Landline about this new plum "Queen Garnett", purchased couple of kgs from Woolworths (Logan Hyperdome)at $4.95 kg. They taste very nice, deep purple colour all way through. I am thinking about growing this plum tree by seed (Pit). ..1585 days 6hrs
Pawpaws - Hi Al, Thanks for the advice. I have taken new photos and will upload by Friday this week. Unfortunately I have not got around to providing it with the required fertiliser, it mentions Nitrophoska...I went to a few nurseries around where I reside, n..1623 days 2hrs
Pawpaws - Hi, I was wondering if someone can provide some advice as to what might be happening with my Red Pawpaw tree. It's a bisexual , purchased in a pot about a year ago, I dug a hole and prepared the soil with recommended fertiliser including dolomite and ..1661 days 1hrs
Lemonade fruit - I read a few comments on here from others having similar experience. Boris Spasky, mine went from pot into open ground so there is no "root bounds", so that theory you stated does not hold in my situation. Your quote "In a pot the tree size is d..1760 days 2hrs
Lemonade fruit - Hello to all. My dwarf lemonade tree has not grown much since transplanting from pot to direct soil. Over time lost most of its leaves, few flowers staring to come on again. I gave it plenty of manure, mulch and water when required. Still has not gr..1763 days 4hrs

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Queen garnet plum - Hi Peter1, My local Greengrocer Betros Bros sells the Garnett juice (I live in Toowoomba, Queensland). But you can order the juice online from http://www.nutrafruit.com.au/products.html I'm unsure if you buy it in small quantities or if you have ..Liked Answer 1236 days 17hrs
Queen garnet plum - Thanks Peter - the local managers will not know about the nectar yet. It should be on-shelf in 530 shops in about 3 weeks...Liked Answer 1236 days 17hrs
Queen garnet plum - Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone knew when the Queensland Garnett plums might be available in 2016. I enjoyed them so much the last couple of years and I was interested in how the season has gone for growers. If somebody knew when they were be..Liked Question 1253 days 9hrs
Pawpaws - Doesn't look too bad Peter. The new growth shows that the warm weather has got it going but it could be a bit hungry. I would put some mulch - 15-20cms deep -around the base of the tree, maybe with some dynamic lifter or compost underneath, and keep ..Liked Answer 1623 days 2hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Peter1, might pay to dig in a lot of Gypsum as well, if it's that bad. Gypsum helps break up clay soils, I have to use a lot where I live :-(..Liked Answer 2013 days 2hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Hi Peter1, I fairly sure passionfruit like a pH of 6.5 to 7.5, so your soil/potting mix was way out. (not to mention the soil under the pot was 4.2! If it was a child, you'd be had up for child abuse :-) Why not try this brew for you pot: 1/3 compost, 1..Liked Answer 2014 days 2hrs

Dwarf Lemonade (Grafted) 4/10

Peter1's Edible Fruits
Update: 2854 days 3hrs

Comments: -

I like lemonade fruit as it has a more sweet flesh than lemons in general and makes a good refreshing drink when cold. Many years ago I remember purchasing this fruit at a selected fruit and vegie shop at Clayfield in Qld. I have never seen this fruit anywhere else except at Fruit World in NSW.


Fruiting Months September and October

Planted: 2010

Growing: In a Pot

First Fruited: 1 Years from purchase in pot

Sun/Shade: Medium Sun

Water Given in: Spring

Pollination: Self Pollination

Fertiliser or Organics Used: Complete Citrus Feed and slow release fertiliser. (Searles)

When I Fertilise: When Fruiting and Yearly

Pest Control:

White oil


I like to know why the flowers are not staying on. I've provided the plant with correct fertlizer, it's in a pot but I'm contemplating placing in the ground with real soil but not sure when to do this.

Will I need to place some type of support in the ground. i.e. a stick to help the plant support itself?


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