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Mistykat's Edible Backyard

Joined: 18/10/11 Updated: 18/10/11 Frost:
Location: Wallsend

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Why Mistykat Love's Edible Plants

Unusual tasty fruit, that I know has not been kept in the freezer/fridge for months or picked in a different country. Also something different to the Jones, etc


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Peanut butter tree - Thanks BJ. I'll let you both know if it gets any leaves soon :)..3950 days 1hrs
Peanut butter tree - Thanks John. I was thinking the same; maybe Newcastle is too cold for it. Although the limbs arn't brittle yet, so there is hope :)..3950 days 1hrs
Miracle bush - Thanks BJ :)..3950 days 1hrs
Miracle bush - Thankyou John for your input. I planted in azalea mix, coconut palm mulch, water crystals etc. Planted firstly in a green shopping bag size pot for 2 months, then transplanted to the wine barrrel. I seriously think it was too hot for it...3950 days 1hrs
Miracle bush - I live in Newcastle. My tree looked very healthy when it arrived. I planted it in a large half wine barrel: Positioned on the West side of the house. Leaves started curling and looking very sunburnt. Bought another recently from Daley's to see if it was ..3953 days 4hrs

Jaboticaba (Seedling) 7/10

Mistykat's Edible Fruits
Update: 3950 days 1hrs

Comments: -

I live in Newcastle. Planted in ground 2 years ago. Growing slowly, but very bushy and healthy. The new growth is pretty reddish leaves. Hasn't fruited yet, but this may take a couple more years. Only 1m tall at present. I water at least weekly during the hot months, and monthly during the cooler weather if it is dry. I only feed it Seasol, Thrive flower and fruit and ocassionly fish emultion. No pest yet. Will prune when it gets to 2 metres, as I want to reach all the fruit :)

Planted: 2009

Height 1 metres

Growing: In the Ground

Sun/Shade: Full Sun

Water Given in: Winter

Pollination: Self Pollination

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