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Ringelstrumpf's Edible Backyard

Joined: 14/07/11 Updated: 14/07/11 Frost: Medium
Location: Katoombs, NSW

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Ringelstrumpf Forum Contributions
Locust tree - I am not sure if locust is banned as a weed here...2050 days 1hrs
Fruitnuts for canberra - Maquie berries. You get them at Bunnings. They have not fruited yet but survived winter in an unsheltered position. They grow very good. There are two trees that did not survive here even everybody tells they are frost hardy: the ceylon hill gooseberry a..2053 days 1hrs
Fruitnuts for canberra - Thanks for that. Yes our Loquat does well, but it hasn't fruited yet. It is a named variety naga... or so. I wonder if you need late or an early fruiting variety to set fruit, but what I'm after is fruit as early as possible...2056 days 4hrs
Fruitnuts for canberra - I am thinking on sapote jujube and cherimoya. We have a sheltered spot under a willow tree, but there is as well a gum tree nearby. Everything citrus I planted survived so far, but they need water manure and a bit of Epsom salt. Jackie French lists a lot ..2056 days 6hrs
Fruitnuts for canberra - I wonder that you can grow tamarillo in frosty areas and granadilla. How much frost do you get? We grow feijoas in the Upper Mountains they like it here, but you should buy a named variety. Mandarins make it through the winter too and kumquats. My banan..2057 days 6hrs
Native elderberry - Sorry, I only add another question: how much fruit do you get? Is it comparable to the European elder?..2168 days 16hrs
Sign petition against seed inspection charges - This is for WA only, so I cannot sign the petition. But together with the nice postcard seed importers received, I think that "they" will try to prohibit that altogether. Who pushes here behind the scenes?..2169 days 18hrs
Seeking feijoa fruit - Why don't you simply order some here? I mean there is enough variety and mine are doing well, even though I have planted them in shade. IMO they love manure...2225 days 3hrs
Postcard from daff - I was quite disturbed that they obviously produce a list of those importing seeds. Including the address. Not OK IMO. Should we react phone or write? I have difficulties to know weather this is a real issue to protect our farmers from imported diseases o..2225 days 5hrs
Postcard from daff - I got this postcard as well and I felt like I am accused committing a crime. I always look up in the database. Recently some tomato seeds were taken out and I yet imported tomato seeds. Is it a real possibility that a pest escapes a backyard to the farmin..2226 days 19hrs
Gmo corn chips - You really must take care. Think of cornflour you use for pudding and thickening.... It is really difficult to avoid GMO...2276 days 24hrs
Avocado and drainage - Thanks, I killed one in Brisbane I planted it it simply lost all its leaves and died. Avocado is borderline here so yes I will put it as close to the house as possible maybe two or three meters. Why shouldn't they get rot in cold climates? I thought th..2343 days 1hrs
Avocado and drainage - I was able to buy a bacon avocado but I haven't decided were to plant yet. Drainage wise the best spot which is as well very protected is only three meters from the trunk of a big gum tree. Another preferred option would be planting it in the manner sh..2343 days 4hrs
Lemon tree problem1 - I would try to snap the branches and you see if everything is dead. If there is still something green inside the branch it is alive. Our neighbours tree died but because of too much water. If it's still alive I would mulch the poor tree and maybe put a L..2343 days 18hrs
Luma apiculata chilean myrtle - Did you buy these trees as ornamentals or as a fuit tree? I read that they are growing alongside rivers that may be the reason why the tree does not crop always(in dry years). ..2343 days 18hrs

Rhubarb - Sydney Crimson 10/10

Ringelstrumpf's Edible Fruits
Update: 2783 days 21hrs

Comments: -

I have purchased  from Daleys and planted it spring 2011. I have planted some crowns as well from other sources, but this one is doing considerably better.

Planted: 2011

Growing: In the Ground

Qty: 1

Sun/Shade: Full Shade

Water Given in: Spring

Organic Status:Organic

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Currant - Black

Ringelstrumpf's Edible Fruits
Update: 2783 days 21hrs

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