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VF1 Forum Contributions
Germinated graviola seeds - No, please do not even consider doing so! The seeds are toxic!!!! Do not eat in any form. A google search about annona seeds being toxic will confirm this if you have any doubts...1643 days 12hrs
Nectrines - I don't know what's normal development in your growing conditions, and the variety you have. I have 3 varieties of peaches, one which is almost near the end of its season, one starting to be ready now, and one with fruit the size of what you're des..1651 days 11hrs
White sapote3 - The Mamey Sapote just needs to be given ripening time in a warm area. As long as the scratch test on their skin is a good orange,no green, the fruit ripens off tree. Would be dubious of those cut ones pictured at the market. Thanks for the tip BJ, I'll ..1651 days 12hrs
Low chill apricot variety availabilty - BJ, to be honest, I don't know. It never got below 7c this past winter, and only got to 7c maybe 15-16 nights. But chill apparently starts acummulating below 13c, and many nights were 10-12c. As a rough calculation maybe 300-350hrs tops? As for C-n-C, th..1651 days 12hrs
Low chill apricot variety availabilty - Have picked all the Cot-n-candy the last week. Fruit drop hasn't been an issue at all. Biggest problem has been ants- they love them, and start eating them as soon as they sweeten. Have also had fruit split with rain (not a problem with my peaches though..1652 days 20hrs
Nectrines - Could have something to do with the age of your tree, more established trees often have better fruit. I think though you may have not thinned your fruit enough; nectarines and peaches are precocious and set too many fruit, that if not thinned (about 8-10c..1652 days 20hrs
Bunya - Nice, but a bit of a worry that these lethal missiles are found in suburbia...1657 days 9hrs
New metadata rentention laws - Bah! Both mainstream parties are two sides of the same coin. Bills/Acts don't get passed unless relative unilateral agreement. There are a few parliamentarians with integrity, but sadly not enough of them. The freedoms we have are all an illusion anyw..1657 days 9hrs
New metadata rentention laws - ..1657 days 10hrs
Low chill apricot variety availabilty - Cot-n-candy is available in Australia, is distributed by Flemming's. I'm awaiting my first crop to ripen so can't say first hand anything about taste yet, but supposedly very good; it seems to be a reasonable self-pollinator so no need for a second tre..1670 days 11hrs
Alphonso mango - Haha, some of the varieties I have would only be worthy as rootstocks - bought in a moment of madness! Yeah, the list is droolworthy. I'd love to know what extras they have now.😃..1686 days 19hrs
Coastal peach fruit - Could also be an ornamental variety...1688 days 20hrs
Alphonso mango - Alphonso is around. I know Tropical Fruit World has had poor (almost nonexistent) fruit set with their mature tree, which they believe may be due to lack of heat. They have recently planted a couple more near their processing shed in hope that the radiate..1688 days 21hrs
Dwarf avocado trees1 - Jason, I have to ask, what kind of strong flavor does the Rincon develop your way? Is it aniseed that I've read some avo's get? And yes, Reed is good. ☺..1690 days 19hrs
For trade giant african bushel gourd seed - Before you get hammered, koalas don't sleep in nesting boxes (you may be mixing up with possums or gliders), and they're not bears. Lovely idea though. Other critters may enjoy them, hope you find what you're looking for...1690 days 19hrs

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White sapote3 - Rather than digging up my two seedlings, I was thinking of grafting a couple of cv's onto them. Is it too early to do the graft? and what two cv's would compliment each other? I have Golden Globe, Reineke Commercial, Ortego, Hawaiian, Dade, and not eno..Liked Question 1651 days 12hrs
Alphonso mango - hi guys just wondering why Indian varieties of mangoes are not available here in Australia such as Alphonso, Kesar, Badami. Pakistani Chaunsa and Sindri are the best but no here why? growing conditions? thanks Jack..Liked Question 1689 days 6hrs
For trade giant african bushel gourd seed - have you got a wish list ? ..Liked Question 1690 days 18hrs
Cherry of the rio grande - If this is about to flower,in a pot & hardly 30cm tall, I swear I will rip out (or get my husband to anyway) my 6 year 180cm tall one and mulch it! It has only ever given me 3 fruit!..Liked Question 1699 days 2hrs
Dwarf avocado trees1 - Do you stock Wurtz & Rincon dwarf avocado trees or what other dwarf varieties that are compatable. When will you plants be ready?..Liked Question 1702 days 18hrs
Mango tree not fruiting - Hi, My Mango tree is 6/7 year old but not giving us fruits , please suggest some medicine for this. ..Liked Answer 1704 days 19hrs
Spices - Wow, frightfully expensive, I'm not a cook either, what do they do with it? How is it used? Almost $50 delivered, is it worth that much? Are they that rare? Dioecious? tell me more...Liked Answer 1733 days 19hrs
Blueberry - I've just found this forum - and need some advice, if someone would be kind enough to help. I'm trying to grow blueberries for the first time, and I've attached a photo of the browning leaves - all the same shape of browning. We;ve had rather a lot..Liked Question 1772 days 2hrs
Econeem and others - I'm not disagreeing with you Nellie - I'd just like to see peer reviewed reputable work backing that up..Liked Question 1796 days 19hrs
Gardening australia1 - It was 25 September 2010 to be exact VF. Gardening Australia still has a fact sheet on the net. http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s3019307.htm..Liked Question 1797 days 11hrs
Cherry of the rio grande - Email sent ive..Liked Answer 1815 days 17hrs
Frangipani leaf disease - hi nick, i was wondering how your frangipani anne is doing now, and was it wet feet? as i am trying to help a sickly plant,i think it looks similar to your pictures.... i live in melbourne and i and winter is about to start. i have had the plant advice ..Liked Question 1840 days 7hrs
Guava tees in melbourne - I tried to order some other plants from Daleys about 1 months ago but got a similar message saying that due to quarantine restrictions, they couldn't be sent to Victoria. Must say I was a bit surprised so I ended up ordering them online from another n..Liked Answer 1850 days 11hrs
Birdwood nursery1 - Yes Jantina, I let them know. Their response was to send me increasingly shitty plants over the course of my next several orders and to stop responding to my complaints entirely. Come on Birdwood. Get it done...Liked Answer 1927 days 20hrs
Thai sweet mango tree for sale - I think I have located the variety known as 'taiwan' mango being sold in sunnybank. It is Chiin Hwang (or just Chin Hwang / Taiwan Golden Mango) http://www9.tainan.gov.tw/cht/action/mango/eng/mango/mango03.html picture & description mid page. ..Liked Answer 1951 days 19hrs
Jaboticaba3 - Tran, 13 years seems to be a long time to wait for a single fruit and the tree is only 2m high :-). I believe mangosteens also take that long to bear fruit (we had a commercial fruit orchard in VN). I was wondering of what you think of the taste o..Liked Answer 2011 days 20hrs
Jaboticaba3 - My large leafed jaboticaba (Myrciaria spirito santensis) or Grimal as they are commonly called has been producing well lately and these were consumed just now.The taste is better I think than the common small leafed jaboticaba (Myrciaria jaboticaba var.sa..Liked Answer 2025 days 6hrs
Ono and banana ken mango - hey VF, thanks for the update, looks like I'm going to have to go shopping soon! Did they have many in stock? and any other varieties?..Liked Answer 2027 days 20hrs

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