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Aus99a's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Aus99a Forum Contributions
Mango tree disease - Might be one of the blight diseases that affect mangos. See this link: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0009/120114/blight-disease-mango.pdf..3012 days 21hrs
Panache fig tree - No idea. As I have said above, small plant and still no figs. But the owner said they were nice and gave them plenty of fruit...3013 days 18hrs
Panache fig tree - Vic, you mean a black mission cutting? Sure, no problem but not ready yet. Maybe end of next season. Sorry guys, if i knew they were popular, i would have taken more cuttings. I know a lot more now fortunately. Wisdom only comes with experience. No nee..3013 days 19hrs
Panache fig tree - Took me a while to figure what you meant. No, it is not the same one, that was from a vacancy being pulled down. Luckily, I got that one also because they pulled it all out. Still have no idea what it is though as it produced no figs this summer. Most lea..3013 days 19hrs
Panache fig tree - Wow, 12,000 trees..magical. I went to Leppington Fig Farm in western Sydney last month and was impressed but that is nothing compared to Willabrand. Got my Mission from a lady whose husband migrated from the US in the 70's and he brought it over. She wa..3013 days 20hrs

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Fruit trees feb autumn sydney - Has it been very dry? trees that have the ability to do so will and do go dormant as soon as the water runs out...Liked Answer 3051 days 19hrs
- ..Liked Answer 3051 days 19hrs
Curry leaf trees - It's helpful in that it points out that there are quality trees available from a respected nursery, as opposed to yours, which are probably substandard and come in brown paper bags. Curry leaf trees aren't rare. Throw a rock at bunnings and you'll h..Liked Answer 3125 days 18hrs

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