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Steve5's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Armidale NSW

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Steve5 Forum Contributions
Shatut mulberry leaves - Leona, I now have a dwarf red shahtoot and it has aborted all its fruit in October for the last 2 years. It can't be the heat here in Armidale so I guess it is immaturity. I don't think it is water stress. Hopefully it will get over it. It has actually..5538 days 9hrs
Shatut mulberry leaves - I've only tried a couple of Shahtoots. They are very sweet (even when not fully ripe) but don't have that wonderful tangy taste of a good black mulberry..5538 days 9hrs
Trees in one hole - I have heaps of duos and trio's (and a few quads). Mostly the same fruit but different varieties ripening at different times so we get a nice distribution of fruit. Most are now 4-7 years old. My observations are a) Fruit size is fine, more determined b..5670 days 9hrs
Cool climate fruit trees - John best to plant bare rooted in winter, ie very soon. However potted plants from later in spring say October can also be OK. Prepare a nice big hole with good soil or compost in it. Get them off to a good start. All should grow well for you and are comp..6157 days 7hrs
Trees in one hole - Chelle, I have lots of duos and trios in my garden, as well as multigrafts. The duos and trios are planted about 20-30cm apart in the same hole. They are easier to manage than multigrafts and are slightly dwarfed by competition. Plant varieties with diffe..6157 days 7hrs

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