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Julie W's Edible Backyard

Joined: 27/07/07 Updated: 27/07/07 Frost:
Location: Roleystone WA

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Julie W Forum Contributions
Drip irrigation for small orchard - pete, I did loops on my citrus, which were fully grown trees. I started with straight lines on young trees I planted, and now some need more water, so I'm thinking of adding loops. I don't have as many trees as you, and use mini sprinklers to give more..1184 days 14hrs
Ph kits - I have used a pH kit for years to test various mixes. They are really quite accurate. But now and then I get a reading I don't understand - it is almost white, and doesn't correspond to anything on the chart. Can anyone explain this please?..1207 days 15hrs
Dying tamarillo trees - Jafa, I find they cope with the heat, but don't like too much direct sun. Morning sun in summer seems to be OK. A commercial Tamarillo grower in my area grows them under shadecloth...1212 days 13hrs
Pecan3 - Mark, I'm not in Melbourne, so can't comment on that. But Pecans grow well in the Perth hills, where we have neither deep river soil or humidity. Our summers are hot and dry and hills soil can vary. I have two which grow well, but I gave up watering..1256 days 8hrs
Pistachio1 - george, email me at julwood at iprimus dot com dot au and I'll tell you how I determine viability and sex of plants...1258 days 9hrs
Apricot variety - Gary, of the early apricots, Newcastle definitely has the best flavour. That may be one way to tell, if you can find another to compare. It does make fantastic jam!..1259 days 19hrs
Identify - Looks like a potato to me - or maybe a sunflower? I think the bugs are aphids...1259 days 19hrs
Potatoes - Fay: "All we need now is a private message function so we can contact each other without having to put our emails up for everyone to see." I was going to say exactly this yesterday, but thought it might be asking a lot from the webmaster. He must ha..1433 days 8hrs
Horseradislh - Fairygirl, this is a Q and A forum for non-commercial growers. You need to click on Contact or Shop in the top left hand column...1469 days 17hrs
Garlic - Better luck in your next rental Gabby! Actually, I have heaps of space, but can't use it due to neighbours invasive tree roots, so I grow everything in pots and boxes. People are often surprised how much you can grow this way. You can then control t..1679 days 6hrs
Garlic - Gabby, if you have a fungal disease, try solarising the soil in the hottest part of summer. ..1681 days 8hrs
Kale - len, email me at julwood at iprimus dot com dot au. Probably not the right time of year to grow grow now, as they like the cooler weather. Then again, they are perennial, so they keep going through summer...1682 days 9hrs
Garlic - Yes Goodz, the taller ones are the problem - they were also the most expensive! The shorter garlic seems OK. Just gonna leave it and see what happens...1686 days 6hrs
Pruning apricot - Crikey, you're keen Ben! So you knew ahead of time they wouldn't get pollinated? I had no idea what was happening till it was fruit time and no fruit. Then I assumed it was the weather. As it has happened a couple of times I think I'm right. It..1686 days 17hrs
Pruning apricot - Thanks guys, I think I'll leave it till it has set fruit. Though if the weather continues as it is now - cold, windy and wet - there may not be any. I have had a couple of years with no fruit when we have had a cold, wet spring. Maybe lack of bees? ..1687 days 9hrs

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