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Julie3's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Roleystone WA

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Julie3 Forum Contributions
Edible ground cover for shady position in - Does anyone in WA grow mushroom plant? I have wanted one for years, but it can't be posted to WA from ES. Doesn't seem to grow from seed, so I need a cutting. Happy to pay...407 days 20hrs
Powton sapphire dragon tree - Warning: don't plant near the house. One has cost me a fortune in plumber's costs in the last few years, as it invaded the septic tank. Wish I had planted something else...407 days 21hrs
Curl grubs - Mmm, don't know about humane, but I put snails in a container with a lid and leave for a couple of months. They make excellent fertiliser. I would do the same with the grubs. ..409 days 16hrs
Avocado disease identification - Looks like a bad case of leaf miner. Spray with pest oil, but it is tricky getting underneath the leaves...409 days 16hrs
Plant selection help - Pittosporum Screen Master is an excellent dense screening shrub. While not a tree, it can grow to 5 metres, and is quite fast growing. It's an attractive looking plant too, but it doesn't flower...410 days 14hrs

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