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Bsilver's Edible Backyard

Joined: 30/07/07 Updated: 30/07/07 Frost:
Location: sydney

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Bsilver Forum Contributions
Graft persimon - Anyone sucessfully grafted persimon?..4105 days 3hrs
Syzigium warts - You don't mean lerps , do you ?..4115 days 3hrs
Grumichama nice tree shame about the lack1 - Same problem . No answers. No fruit...4118 days 10hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - Thick mulch may hinder the transfer of heat from the ground , which is warmer...4124 days 11hrs
Jackfruit grafting cherimoya - Dave , did the scions have leaves on them before you grafted them ? Did you use the cleft graft? L..4124 days 11hrs
Fruit fly control - Limitations of bait sprays aka splash baits not widely canvassed viz useful when f. fly pressure not high and /or target fruit is in relative isolation ,say a bush block. One cannot expect to obtain control if neighbour has neglected trees loaded with fly..4139 days 12hrs
Duriun trees have you seen any - John , keep taking your medication...4140 days 4hrs
Figs not red inside - Early figs like that . Later ripening ones are better..4140 days 4hrs
Edible hedge to m any ideas - For a delicious hedible edge try feijoa...4147 days 3hrs
Persimmon - Val , it could be salinity...4147 days 3hrs
Alleliopathic plants - Should that not be "allopathic plants"..4147 days 22hrs
Fruit fly control - Spinosid is an insecticide produced by bacteria. Why is it preferable to ,say ,Malation. Is nicotine safe because it is produced by a plant?..4152 days 12hrs
Delarbrea micheana - Or blue quandong. Not related to desert quandong but genus Eleocarpus...4169 days 13hrs
New fruit tree varieties - It would be good to have Jujubes and dates to purcase and grow when climate change makes S.E. Australia hotter and drier. Throw in some Pistachios as well...4174 days 12hrs
Tropical fruit tree - Hmm. Rambutan in South Australia? I'd like to see that>..4174 days 12hrs

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