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Cin's Edible Backyard

Joined: 20/09/07 Updated: 20/09/07 Frost:
Location: Central Coast, NSW

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Cin Forum Contributions
Fruit fly control - Oh and I just found this information also. I think I am going to try this if I can get the product... http://www.agnova.com.au/resources/agnotes/Surround-Apples-Agnote.pdf..2435 days 7hrs
Fruit fly control - Has anyone ever tried a kaolin spray for fruit fly control? http://www.groworganicapples.com/organic-orcharding-articles/surround-kaolin-clay.php/ I really realy don't want to use lebacyid. I have so many bees here and I'm quite fond of them ..2435 days 7hrs
Fruit fly control - Hi all Hoping to bump this up and get some ideas for my fruit trees. I have a row of plum and apple trees. The neighbours tell me (only just bought this property) that they get fruit fly in them and so I am keen to work on the issue. One of the a..2450 days 4hrs
Banana2 - Trikus any tips on how I divide it or can I just go in and start chopping away. The plan for this weekend was to start clearing off all the dead leaves so we can see what is in there. My partner is 6'5" so he can reach the high spots LOL John I think..2487 days 7hrs
Passionfruit6 - Hi, Could I possibly get some tips on helping out this passionfruit vine that is on the property we have recently purchased. It is very yellow at the top. Should I give it a feed and prune it back? Thanks..2488 days 6hrs
Banana2 - I have just moved onto a new property and we have a number of fruit trees that I would love some assistance with. There are quite a few banana trees but I think they need some tlc. Should I be pruning these right back? Some have bananas forming however..2488 days 6hrs
Fruit trees that love water - Hi, We have just moved to a 5 acre property and are looking at ways to use the space for both horses and food production. There is an area off one of our dams which seems to be very wet and I am wondering what type of fruit I could plant in that are..2490 days 21hrs
Lemongrass lots of leaves thin stem - Hi, I have just cultivated two very large lemongrass plants that my father planted in my front garden - they had taken off and were almost to the point of taking over the garden! I am wondering if new plant will grow in the area where I removed the ..3390 days 21hrs
Citrus tree espalier - Not sure if you still need this but I came across some fantastic links on this. This one has a lot of info and some great pictures http://www.rarefruit-sa.org.au/Espalier/Espalier.htm It's pretty amazing how much they grow! Woodbridge Fruit t..3931 days 6hrs
Tree reccomendations between house and driveway - Thanks for the thoughts Justin. I might look into the guavas and see if they will work in that area. They make the yards so small these days it is so hard to try and have a decent amount of fruit trees!..3931 days 6hrs
Tree reccomendations between house and driveway - Sorry that was my response above - i forgot to log in :) Cin..3936 days 1hrs
Citrus1 - You will have to forgive me for my basic questions - unfortunately my books seem to be missing the simple details... I'd going to plant 3 citrus trees and wondering how close to each other they can be - would like a lemon, lime and orange. Although ma..3936 days 1hrs
Moving apple trees - Hi Just wondering if I am able to move apple trees from their current position in the garden to another one. Any precautions I need to take? I've realised they are not getting enough sun and need to move them to a sunnier position but worried that..3941 days 23hrs
Veggie garden - HP Thanks for the link on Birdies. I think we will be ordering 4 of their beds and finally I cn get started on my garden beds. The plant dams look good for around the fruit trees as well so might as well get some of those - the poor CC will be getting..3942 days 4hrs
Tree reccomendations between house and driveway - I am looking for some reccomendations for a fruit/nut tree for my front garden. If possible I am trying to plant out all my gardens with only edible plants but having a hard time trying to find something for the front of the house. The garden is abo..3950 days 19hrs

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