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Barbara's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Magnetic Island

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Barbara Forum Contributions
Wolf berries - Hi Mark, yellowing of leaves is often a lack of nitrate...you may try adding adding a little chook poo to the soil...5552 days 14hrs
Dragon fruit - Hi all, I struck hundreds of seedlings from a beautiful red fruit just on New Year and gave most of them away to friends...silly. I then went on holiday for 2 weeks south and no-one bothered to water them. I now only have 2 babies left. There are als..5568 days 24hrs
Dragon fruit - Hi Aaron, I know these plants like dry feet, are they in a dry area? Frost could be a problem as they don't like cold much. Typically, they like sandy, well-drained soils. Hope this helps...5593 days 21hrs
Flowering without fruit - Hi Correy, I just bought it at a nursery or woolies back then. It is Potassium and sulphate I think. Anyway, it worked very well and is quite cheap. Just look in Bunnings or Mitre 10...I am sure either should have it. Cheers, Barb(:..6043 days 18hrs
Jaboticaba2 - It occurs to me I may be a bit strange...I seem to be the only person on the net that thinks of the taste and inner texture of Jaboticaba as being very similar to that of Mangosteen! so many compare them to grapes, but the taste is nothing like a grape....6063 days 14hrs

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