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Barbara starts with ...
It occurs to me I may be a bit strange...I seem to be the only person on the net that thinks of the taste and inner texture of Jaboticaba as being very similar to that of Mangosteen!
so many compare them to grapes, but the taste is nothing like a grape...surely they look like one, but very different indeed.
I have found it difficult to find the nutritional breakdown of this wonderful fruit, and feel it could be close to that of the highly valued Mangosteen.
Can someone enlighten me on this, as it certainly has a healthy taste, and juice from the dried skins has been used to heal tonsilitis in Brazil. This would indicate to me, at the very least high in Vitamin C, with possible Beta Carotene's...considering the colour of he skin.
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11th November 2007 8:41pm
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Tran says...
Hi Barbara,

Yes, it does taste like mangosteen. More information is in

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11th November 2007 8:53pm
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