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Juz's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Jervis Bay

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Juz Forum Contributions
Jicama - I grew some jicama this year, probably put it in too late to get a good crop. I grew this from seed, and I know that I can grow it from a tuber, but what I was wondering if anyone could help me with, is can I grow new tubers from cuttings, like you do wit..1538 days 1hrs
Finger limes in cool climates - Ive got a few finger limes here... Im inland at Jervis Bay, and we get good frosts here... probably not as cold as you though. Ive planted mine next to some other trees in my garden, just to give them some shelter from cold winds ect. Mine are the graf..4085 days 4hrs
What tree is this - Yea, looks like camphor laurel to me too RolFlor.... Crush some leaves and smell them... If it is a strong scent, probably is one. Massive, vigerous, weedy, and the roots will get into everything and destroy them.......4187 days 18hrs
How to relocate a nectarine tree - Poor thing, amazing what some people do! I would try and move it in winter when it is dorment. In the mean time, go around the outside edge of the concrete, and sever the roots of the tree with a sharp shovel. Probably just do 1 side, then in say 3 month..4235 days 9hrs
Finger limes grafted - Where abouts are you on the south coast Michael?..4305 days 18hrs

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