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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Mackay-Eton

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Ian4 Forum Contributions
Avocado2 - Thanks John, yes it's quite windy at times, with very dry winds and hot sun. I planted flat, not mounded, and that seems to have been the biggest problem, as when the rain did come, the lot went boggy. I am preparing a big mound now to try again. The..4139 days 10hrs
Tropical fruit tree - Yes mate, you are right. The purple mangosteen is wonderful, and available across Asia. In Thailand it is "mung quot" or something sounding like that. I bought a tree in a Qld nursery, some years later it fruited..yellow! I'd say it was 90% inedible...4172 days 8hrs
Avocado2 - Thanks to you all, all relevant info. There was a period of wind and drought, it died back but I put up shelter and it shot back again. Then the rain came and it just died back again. The soil just there is flat, and shallow, with clay underneath. I w..4204 days 11hrs
Duriun trees have you seen any - I had several jackfruit trees on my old farm, and there were at least two varieties. Also some trees always tasted better than others. One tree had rounf smooth fruit not unlike soccer balls (but green) and were also good to eat. Just eat with a fork, st..4210 days 11hrs
Avocado2 - My 3rd or 4th avocado has just about died, about 4ft high too. Probably too much water this time, not enough last one etc. Is there a cultivar that will handle mostly very dry conditions, with wet wet seasons as well? I had on a previous farm, a big roun..4210 days 12hrs

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