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Lin's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Armadale WA

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Lin Forum Contributions
Mandarin tree - That makes sense. I've now realised I have done that to my other mandarin tree (much larger) that produces beautifully sized fruits. Thanks, sometimes you overlook the simplest solutions......5816 days 6hrs
Mandarin tree - And I have a Mandarin tree that is only a few years old, about 4 feet high and the fruit, whilst plentiful is small. It is in the same plot as all my other citrus trees which are doing really well, so I doubt it is a soil/nutrient problem...5818 days 8hrs
Vine strangling raspberry patch - Looks like a relative of asparagus fern to me. Does it get little berries on it? If so, then these are very hardy and will grow from a tiny piece, so dig it out and throw in the bin...5844 days 18hrs
Blossoms no fruits - Are you sure the flowers have been cross pollinated? Did you notice bees busy on the trees? Or did you find tiny fruit dropped off? If the fruit are dropping off when small it could be because of lack of water/nutrients, or overloading of the tree...5854 days 9hrs
Back injured people please - I love my garden, but late last year I seriously injured my back. Unfortunately it is a permanent injury. Now getting down and up is a bit difficult, at times impossible. How do others cope? I have had to rethink my no poisons policy as I can no longer..5855 days 17hrs

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