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Peter12's Edible Backyard

Joined: 07/06/08 Updated: 07/06/08 Frost:
Location: adelaide

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Peter12 Forum Contributions
Which fig variety is best in these - a white adriatic has green skin and dark red flesh, mine tastes exactly like strawberry jam. black genoa has dark skin and dark red flesh. ..2601 days 12hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - Anna , I tried for 10 years near Bundaburg and had no luck with soursop , though I did see one bearing in a protected spot in Maryborough [ Qld] ....now mine in the tropics is loaded . Maybe try custard apple and squeeze lime juice on the fruit ;-)..3499 days 2hrs
Mangosteen4 - Rich , I to was surprised at how nice the yellow ones tasted . Very slow sprouting seeds though ...3529 days 3hrs
Jelly palm daleys variety satisfied customers - Those palms are growing on a now bypassed section of the Bruce Hwy . I doubt if it will ever set seed . No sign of any old infloresences on it . And I imagine it would be 20 years old . How long did it take for yours to fruit Vera ? And where are you ? Ha..3536 days 8hrs
Duriun trees have you seen any - Dur Ian , very small image you posted looks like a scan from the very old Tankard book .. What makes you think that info is correct ? .. The most recent Rare Fruit Review has A.lanceifolius as name . Seeds were imported by Peter Saleras' brother , Peter..3559 days 4hrs
Hard dry citrus - My navel orange is inedible .. barely get a few drops of juice out of it . It is nearly white when cut open , and I tried fruit when green as well as waiting until they turned orange . I was already on the block when I bought , along with several bush lem..3562 days 7hrs
Golden guanabana - This fruit was added to the Cassowary Coast branch of Rare Fruits Australia display at the recent Tully show . I waited a few days until it was ripe and went to taste it . Very nice . Hopefully the few seeds I got will come true . There are several appr..3568 days 11hrs
Cinnamon how to harvest - I did a google search and that link came up top of the list , Some mates have large trees and harvest every year or so . I had a smell of the finished product and it was divine fragrance . A large tree was pointed out to me in a Botanic Garden in north..3584 days 6hrs
Longan1 - 20 year + old tree growing on the tablelands here in Qld . Unsure as to var. I enjoy the flavour and want to grow a suitable cultivar here in the tropics ...3626 days 2hrs
Yellow mangosteen1 - Picked some fruit today of this sour fruit .. it is edible and not as sour as I thought it would be . Another case of not believing what you read or hear to much . Very attractive large tree with lots of fruit . Unsure as to what species it really is as n..3650 days 4hrs
Bixia orellana - Tran , right in front of my parked car in town yesterday was this tree , covered in fruit ! I must get some seeds and take some pics . What an amazing coincidence ! Can you share any recipes or uses ?..3676 days 14hrs
Durian - Very pleased with how well my Durian is growing here in the wet tropics . Planted as an advanced seedling approx 1 year ago at approx 2m tall . It is now doubled in size and has several cousins nearbye for company . THats it on the right of the picture ,..3679 days 16hrs
Pandanus amaryllifolius - Getting a bit cold for Pandans to grow well out of the tropics . Just be patient and wait until Spring all you southerners...3684 days 11hrs
Peanut butter tree not fruiting - Flavour is not strong , not very sweet , but I find it pleasant , easily eating a cup or more in a sitting . Sort of like a watered down dried apricot & pear taste ...3689 days 3hrs
Fruit id please help - Sal , I have heard that DPI in Nambour have been breeding Custard Apples and got some red ones . With a view for the Asian market , as red is a lucky colour and would demand a premium price . BUT I was told that they would only be available to commercial..3695 days 6hrs

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