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Steve12's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Coffs Harbour

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Steve12 Forum Contributions
Black sapote not growing - I can't recall exactly when it first cropped, but it was very earlier I think in the second year. I wouldn't worry about removing the fruit unless the tree looks stressed. I removed all the fruit in the first two years with my citrus trees, but it was..4096 days 23hrs
Black sapote not growing - Debbie - how's the black sapote? I noticed you posted a while back. I was wondering if it was too wet. My tree grew fast & is a heavy cropper with no pests or problems in the 8yrs it's been growing. It gets no special treatment except all my trees ar..4112 days 14hrs
Surinam cherry - "Eugenia uniflora" is the red Brazilian Cherry. The black cherry in the photo looks like the black Grumichama "Eugina dombeyi". I've found the Brazilian cherry can be tart if unripe, but if left to ripen on the tree, are much sweeter. The native C..4112 days 15hrs
Grumichama - I planted one yellow & one black Grumichama in August '07 & the black first cropped about one year later. The yellow one hasn't as yet & is slower growing. The black crops several times a year but as it's young, not too many fruit, but they taste fan..4112 days 15hrs
Pouteria lucuma - I recently became interested in growing Lucuma after meeting a Peruvian. He said in Peru the fruit is usually blended into a drink. I've read that it prefers high altitudes & as Peru is very dry, I assume it may not enjoy my sub tropical & humid climat..4113 days 16hrs

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