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David's Edible Backyard

Joined: 07/02/09 Updated: 07/02/09 Frost:
Location: SPRINGWOOD,4127,QLD

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

David Forum Contributions
Guavas1 - This Guava grown from store bought fruit from summerland nth nsw, some 10 yrs ago. For some reason this is the largest ive ever had, not ripe yet but getting soft, will report on taste at a future date...50 days 4hrs
Jackfruit varieties - Have just finished peeling a friends Jackfruit he grows in his back yard at Moorooka. Been ripening for 3 weeks slowly. What can I say ,no latex with a full mango, pineapple, bubblegum flavour that just lasts and lasts.Tree is 20+ yrs old, approx. 7m high..164 days 9hrs
Mabolo - Been harvesting some Mabolo now for 2 wk, also Sensation mango has started to ripen, must say don't detect the so called turpy taste, very sweet slight fibre but well worth planting as a late harvest mango. The Brooks mangoes are still rock hard and green..207 days 5hrs
Jack fruit tree - Pity we don't have smellavision, the odour is devine...219 days 4hrs
Jack fruit tree - Hi all very excited today, just picked my first home grown Jackfruit, the cultivar is Golden nugget. Tree is marcot, and been in the ground approx. 7yr?. Pics and weight will follow. Yee ha...220 days 5hrs
Buy medlar mespilus germanica - Flower power in Sydney used to sell them not sure if in Melbourne. Hope this helps..236 days 4hrs
Apple cactus fruit - Thought this might be of interest. Found these on sunday while shopping at Garden City Mt Gravatt. this is the fruit shop outside Coles...239 days 3hrs
Market day - Thought this might be of interest for those in the local area. These fruits are available from the fruit market outside Coles at Garden city,saw them today in my lunch break.The Mammey Sapote are a good size...267 days 4hrs
Jackfruiting - This is the first time fruiting of my marrcot Golden Nugget, not sure how big they get, tree is 8yr old . The other pic is of a ripening Gustavia seed pod tree is 4m tall and 14 yr old, 2nd time it has flowered and this summer it went crazy...291 days 12hrs
Jackfruit9 - This jackfruit is the first off my marcotted "e;Golden Nugget"e; tree. The tree is now 6yr old.3m high. The other strange pic is ripening seed pods off a Gustavia tree 14 yr old.This yr is the second flowering. Flowers only last 1 day then fall of..292 days 4hrs
Soursop tree3 - Don't know why but this year is a bumper crop for soursops ,the tree is now roughly 25 yrs old, a seedling purchased from some obscure nursery long since closed over Thornlands way.The fruit is juicy ,slightly fibrous, not over powering, with a good balan..299 days 24hrs
Pouteria lucuma - Hi Scott, Sorry for not contacting you have had on going computer problems. Email is as follows dphuntbris@gmail.com and if you can let me know the price of lucuma that would be great. Also is it possible to pick up straight from you instead of posting...447 days 4hrs
Pouteria lucuma - Hi Scott, im in Brisbane any plants left or all gone...458 days 9hrs
Poshte first flowering - Hi Scott ,How old is your tree, and do you hand pollinate or leave nature to do its best. Thanks..458 days 9hrs
Huge avocado - My kind son and wife found this treasure at the James St markets today in the city.The market is selling this avocado as "Post Office" cultivar. On weighing at home it came in at 1.056Kg, the corresponding avocado in my other hand is a Hass cultivar weigh..498 days 4hrs

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